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What Are my Options for Removing a Nose Piercing Scar?

I pierced my nose on Aug 4th 2012 and after four months of dealing with bumps and inflammation I decided to remove it. The piercing left a scar on my nose that is much larger than any of the other piercing scars I've seen. Also, I think I might have hurt the area around it by cleaing it too much with tea tree oil. Basically, my right nostril is a mess. I was wondering what type of treatment would work in order to make the scar less visible.

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Nose piercing scar correction information


Scar excision and simple closure works well for non-hypertrophic nose piercing scars. 

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Nose Piercing Scars


Nose piercings rarely leave large scars once removed, though a small scar that looks like a large pore is common.  It sounds like your piercing may have passed through the tip cartilage and subsequently got infected, leaving a larger hole or a misshapen nostril.  Rest assured that such a scar can be improved, though it may require a bit more work to make it look good.  See a board-certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon with experience in nasal cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the best chance of a good opinion.  Good luck!  Minas Constantinides, M.D.

Minas Constantinides, MD
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Pictures are a great way to start and a personal appearance with a physical examination is even better. These things can be improved

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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