How Can I Make my Neck Look Younger? (photo)

I'm 31 and have always been thin but for some reason my neck seems to look way older than it should– especially compared to my friends who are the same age (see photo...I'm the one in white). There isn't saggy skin, just not enough fat. Is there anything I can do to correct this problem? Thanks!

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Neck bands be gone.


Being thin undoubtedly makes you the envy of other women. Nevertheless, thinness has its downside, as it can lead to premature signs of aging. You’re seeing this in the area of your neck, where the banding is becoming noticeable. The condition can be improved through a number of non-surgical treatments; however, none is more effective than Ultherapy. It is a single 90-minute procedure that triggers a marked lifting and tightening of the neck, producing results that continue to improve for several months. Other options involve a series of treatments. This is a one-time procedure that’s especially effective on adults whose skin is still youthful and elastic.

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Prominent Neck Bands can also be treated with Botox or Dysport


The other surgeons and physicians in this Q&A have offered excellent suggestions for treatment of your neck bands. Another alternative to consider is the injection of Botox or Dysport into your platysma muscle. This is a great option for thinner, younger patients who have prominent neck bands but good skin elasticity, minimal "loose skin", and little neck fat. The procedure takes just a few minutes to perform, with 4-6 practically painless injections in the office setting, and the results typically last 3-4 months. The treatment is relatively inexpensive as well. 

At worst, if your neck bands don't soften or go away to the extent which you would like, you can always consider other options, including platysmal plication. This is a procedure in which the neck bands are stitched to one another through a small incision under the chin. This surgery "tightens the corset" of the neck from the front and can be a good alternative for patients in their 30s and early 40s who are not yet appropriate candidates for a necklift/lower facelift. The platysmal plication surgery can be comfortably performed under local anesthesia with light sedation, if patients prefer this over general anesthesia. 


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Your neck reveals your true age


Sometimes we focus on our faces so much that we forget our necks - a lot of "real estate" on our body so close to our faces. The neck is very thin skin, so this area easily shows lines, wrinkles and aging. Perhaps it's because you lack fat, but likely might be because collagen has collapsed and is revealing it's age. Before you look to needles, you can certainly tighten, tone and receive great texture on your neck with laser treatments such as CoolBreeze, Yag laser, Yag, and especially with Ultherapy. A professional consultation with an experienced cosmetic dermatologist would be your first step toward your goals.

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Non surgical rejuvenation of the neck


  It is helpful that you included a photo but nothing can take the place of an in person evaluation.  While Fraxel and fillers can be helpful in your neck, if the primary considern is the platysmal banding seen on the photos, I think a mini lift would be best.

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Making the neck look younger


You could consider some dilute Sculptra into the neck area to give the skin a slightly fuller look.

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A younger looking neck at 31


Fillers are difficult to use in the neck. With a thin neck like yours, I suggest a Fraxel laser using the Fraxel Restore, which is an Erbium Fraxel. You will need 2-3 treatments, but it will tighten your skin and resurface it as well, which makes it look younger. A good rejuvenating type skin care regimen, such as New Youth  Cosmeceutucals will also help.

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Filling your neck can make it (and you) look younger


If your neck is too thin, then filling it can definitely make you look better.  Options for filling include fat transfer and any subcutaneous injectable filler.  However, most hyaluronic fillers would be difficult to place smoothly throughout the neck.  I have had excellent results using highly diluted Sculptra for neck filling in thin necks.  Be sure you find an expert who has had a lot of experience, since the neck is very unforgiving when it comes to showing irregularities and lumpiness.  Good luck! Minas Constantinides MD  

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