Montgomery Glands Migrating After Mastopexy - Any Solutions? (photo)

I had mastopaxy with implant under the muscle 2 years ago; 6 months ago I noticed the Montgomery glands on the outer and lower quadrant are moving upwards towards the nipple. One Montgomery gland on the inner upper quadrant is moving away from the areola. The one moving away bothers me the most, but I wonder if this migration will continue, and especially can the one be stopped?

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Montgomery Glands Migrating After Mastopexy

I have never seen this or heard of this before. If it is really troublesome to you, and it sounds like it is, it can be easily excised.

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Montgomery Glands Migrating After Mastopexy - Any Solutions?

Thanks for the interesting question and posted photo. You could have each gland excised to solve this issue. Seek in person evaluations

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