Mommy Makeover Cost Compared to Individual Procedures

How much could a mommy makeover end of costing, including hospital charges? What is the average cost for each separate procedure such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck? Is the mommy makeover cost really just a total of all the individual costs? What is the typical plan/cost for a 60 year old women with saggy breasts, bra line lift (back fat) and double chin who really isn't fat, just looks like skin is sagging in places that it didn't before?

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Mommy makeover cost

The cost of a mommy makeover can vary tremendously based on several factors.  Many surgeons will give you a discount for combining procedure to make it more affordable.also, consider setting a budget and having done first the thing or things that bother you the most.

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Mommy Makeover Cost

The cost of a mommy makeover really depends on what you'd like to have done. For example, these procedures are commonly part of a mommy makeover:

breast augmentation $7000-$9000 (depending on implant type and technique)
breast lift $8000-$9500 (depending on technique)
tummy tuck $6500-$9000 (depending on whether it's a mini, full or floating abdominoplasty, and if liposuction is also performed)
liposuction $2000-$8000 (depending on number of areas)

These ranges are what you'd find in Toronto, Ontario, where I am located. They may be quite different in your city. A combination of procedures may slightly reduce the costs of each, especially when two or more are performed at the same time.

For a better idea of pricing, please check out the websites of your preferred surgeon or call around in your city. Having said that however, it's always best to find a surgeon you are comfortable with and trust instead of picking one based on how much they charge. 

Combination surgery has many advantages, but an experienced plastic surgeon is a must.

Many plastic surgeons perform each of these procedures individually of course.  But if you need several things done, there is an obvious advantage in one-stop surgery.  This has been loosely called a mommy makeover.  Generally we combine a breast augmentation or lift or both with a tummy tuck and some degree of liposuction.  This gets a lot done at one time.  However, the surgeon needs to be efficient and knowledgeable.  It is not worth combining procedures if, for example, the blood loss is excessive or the recovery experience is prolonged or more painful.  I generally limit my surgery time to 6 hours.  But this gives me enough time to do these procedures, including removing fat from under the chin and along the braline.  If you visit the abdominoplasty and breast lift sections of my website you can view many examples of patients who had the procedures done simultaneously.  There are safety advantages too in having one operation rather than two.  But again, you need to choose your surgeon carefully so you have one who is comfortable and experienced doing mommy makeovers.  Your total cost would be $10,000 to $17,000 depending on how much you do, including the anesthesia and surgery center.  This tends to be a few thousand dollars less expensive than having the surgery in stages.

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Cost of Mommy Makeover Surgery

Thank you for your question.  Yes, usually having multiple procedures performed at the same time is less expensive than have each procedure performed individually because of higher anesthesia and surgical center fees for the first hour or two each time you walk into the operating room.

Each physician is different in how their fee schedule works so it is best to visit a couple of board certified plastic surgeons and get their recommendations.

I agree that safety is ALWAYS top priority.

Good Luck!

Mommy makeover costs

You've asked great questions, and because you'd like to address so many different things, I would recommend visiting several plastic surgeons to get an idea of what your costs will be.  In fact, you'll probably get a discount for combining several procedures at once.  Good luck!

Surgical costs

Certainly it would cost less to do all the procedures at one time than to break it up into multiple operations. Most surgeons discount the additional procedures performed at the same time. However you need to change your priorities as cost currently appears to be your highest priority. That is very dangerous. Safety should be your first priority followed by results and then cost. Do not cut corners such as having the surgery in a non-certified facility to save money.

Your first questions should be what procedures do I need to achieve a desired result and then which procedures can be done safely together given my age and health status. Then you ask what the cost is. Asking us to throw out prices like we are bidding to service you is unprofessional and unfair. You would never ask a contractor the cost of redoing your kitchen without letting them see the kitchen and knowing what you want redone. You also expect to pay that contractor for the work and time expended in making that estimate.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

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Mommy Makeover Costs

A so called mommy makeover usually consists of and abdominal procedure combined with breast surgery such as breast augmentation  or breast lift. Convenience, cost and one recovery are the advantages of performing more than one procedure at the same time. The first hour of anesthesia and facility charges are the highest and then a flat hourly rate usually applies. By avoiding multiple start up charges fees are less. Additionally surgeons give a discount for doing multiple procedures. Without examining you and determining exactly what you wish to have done, I cannot give you an estimate. For individual procedure costs check out this web site.

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Cost of combined procedures vs. separate procedures?

Multiple procedures at one operative setting are not only safe, but they are common in my practice, as they do save patients money. They also combine one recovery instead of several, keeping time off work, use of vacation or social time, and (minimal, but still present) risks to a minimum.

Consider surgery by an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon who does enough cosmetic surgery to own their own accredited surgical facility, such as my partner and I do. Beware non-plastic surgeons who avoid credentials committees and peer review by operating in a non-accredited office setting. Plastic Surgeons who operate at a hospital will be peer-reviewed and credential-checked by the hospital before they are allowed to operate there, but costs are almost always much higher, exposure to sick patients and nasty bacteria is more common, and anesthesia techniques are safe, but "lowest common denominator" inhalation anesthesia that have a high nausea rate, and too-high unplanned admission rate (more cost and more exposure to just what you DON'T want). TIVA is better! For more information about this see my article on the About tab on my profile page.

See several experienced, ABPS-certified plastic surgeons  and ask about the areas of concern that you wish surgically addressed, and then listen to the plans outlined. Combined surgical procedures not only are safe, but make good sense in just about every way possible. Best wishes!

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Cost of Mommy Makeover vs individual procedures

A mommy makeover is a general term that combines multiple procedures.  Those procedures can be done separately, however, the benefit is that there is decreased overall operating room time which translates to decreased anesthesia costs.  In addition most plastic surgeons will offer multiple procedure discounts.  She can expect to save thousands of dollars when you combine procedures versus doing them separately.  Most people choose to do them all at one time, but there really is no wrong answer.  The treatment plan should be designed in a way that accommodates you while maintaining safety.  To have a nice result you will need a full tummy, moderate implant and breast lift. It is very safe and effective. We ensure safety through a proper physical exam, blood tests, a clearance from your primary doctor and a meeting with our board certified anesthesiologist. Safety should always be your first priority. A mommy makeover is a combination od tummy tuck, in which the essence of the procedure is tightening your core, then secondarily re-draping your skin to show off that tight core. The core tightening is essential because without it just skin removal is in effective. As we all know, skin stretches and will accommodate whatever the infrastructure (core) happens to be. Secondly a  breast procedure is done, usually implants to create a natural, fresh more youthful appearance. There is also some liposuction involved around the flanks and hips to really shape the visible silhouette. Given all this surgery and the general anesthesia we take extra precaution to ensure your number one asset...your health. As an adjunct I always give herbal supplements to help reduce the swelling and bruising. The treatment plans are as varied as the individuals.  Always seek a board certified plastic surgeon. After you meet him/her you will immediately know if they are the right surgeon to help you accomplish your goals.  Good luck on your procedure!!

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