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Moderate Vs High Profile Breast Implants to Retain Cup Size?

I am having Breast Implant revision next week due to capsular contracture from the first surgery 11 yrs ago. I have 430cc Saline breast implants under muscle at present and will go back with Silicone breast implants. I am trying to decide between 421cc moderate profile or 425cc high profile. I am currently a 36C and want to keep my same cup size just want a more natural appearance.

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Choice of implants


You are comparing a high profile and a medium profile implant. While the two implants have similar overall volumes, with about the same number of cc's, they will have different shapes.

The high profile one will be somewhat narrower from side to side, but rounder. It will give you more fullness and roundness in the upper part of the breast, but possibly less cleavage/ more of a gap. It will tend to look more like "the push up bra" look than the medium profile

The medium profile implant will tend to be a little wider, but give less fullness on the top. In our practice, this shape is a little more popular, but it's really a matter of patient preference. Both can look nice, when they are proportional to your frame, and placed by a skilled surgeon.

Do you know what shape (profile) your current implant is? If you are trying to maintain that exact look, use that information as your guideline.

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Saline and Silicone breast imlant sizes- High vs moderate propfile breast implants


usually saline impalnts are perkier than silicone implants. moderate profile breast impalnts give better cleavage and fullness of the upper pole than high profile implants. Also, breasts generally look flatter and smaller after a capsulectomy procedure. You should consider these points in deciding on the size of new breast implants.

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It depends on your proportions.


Dear Doody,

The volume and profile is just part of the equation. Your surgeon needs to pick an implant that is appropriate for your proportions. The diameter of your breast, distance from nipple to infra mammary fold, and skin envelop characteristics are all important factors in deciding what implant would give you a natural appearance. There is only a 4cc difference in volume between your two implant choices but there is almost 1.5 cm difference in diameter and a 1cm difference in projection between the 421 and the 425cc implants. This could mean the difference between a natural and a "done" look to your breasts.

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Moderate vs. High profile breast implants


Once a patient has decided on a breast implant size, or a small range of sizes, by trying on implant sizers in a stretch bra, we generally decide on profiles (high vs. moderate plus vs. moderate) by determining which implant diameter (for that chosen size) best matches the patient's own breast diameter and the diameter or width of her chest wall.  There are times that either of two profiles (for example, moderate plus and high profile) would work...then, it would be a matter of whether the patient is looking for as much forward projection as possible for that given size (ie: high profile), or perhaps in a patient with a breast positioned lower on her chest, whether we need more diameter to give more fullness higher up in the upper pole of her breast and upper chest.  In actuality, in my practice, most patients get moderate plus profile implants (the middle profile) unless they have very narrow chests and breasts OR are choosing large implants for their frame.  Since saline implants tend to give a more "high profile" and, some would say, somewhat less natural look, patients who are used to this and like the more projecting look may tend towards a high profile implant if they switch to silicone gel.  For a more natural look, in general, a less projecting implant may be in order.

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Choosing between high profile vs moderate plus profile implants


The difference between high profile and medium or moderate plus implants of the same volume is their shape. The highprofile is narrower withmore projection. It really depends upon your anatomy and whether or not you want more "side boob."

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Moderate vs High Profile Breast Implants


Both companies that make breast implants, Allergan and Mentor, have three styles of implants, low, moderate and high profile. High profile implants have a relatively small diameter with a greater projection to diameter ratio than the other implants. Low profile implants have a much lower projection to diameter ratio. Moderate are in between.

For a majority of patients the moderate profile implants look the most natural. High profile implants can work well in women with a narrow breast width. Low profile are good to add upper pole fullness in an augmentation mastopexy.

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Moderate or High Profile Silicone Breast Implants: How to Choose


                  Based on your history, you will be undergoing revisional breast surgery to correct a capsular contracture. Your current plans call for slightly smaller silicone implants placed beneath the muscle. Your concern, at this point in time is related to what type of implant will give the most natural appearance.

                  It’s important to understand that breast implants come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right implant depends on several variables including the patients underlying anatomy and the patient’s personal preference.

                  Two of the more popular silicone breast implants are the moderate and high profile varieties. These implants have important differences and specific indications. The majority of patients require a moderate profile implant. This implant gives a more natural appearance. It has a broader base width and less anterior projection.

                  In contrast, the high profile breast implant has a narrow base with more anterior projection. This Implant is indicated when women desire more projection and upper breast fullness. It tends to give a more artificial appearance. In addition, they are also indicated when women have a narrow chest diameter.

                  Although, it’s impossible to know what implant is right for any individual, without performing a physical exam, the majority of patients require moderate profile implants. Since your primary concern is a natural appearance, moderate profile breast implants may represent your best choice. 

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Moderate implants tend to look more “natural.”

Since the volume difference you’re talking about between implant options is almost negligible, the real difference in your final result well come from the profile, as you and your surgeon have discussed. Women typically choose high-profile implants for one of two reasons: 1) they’re young enough that their natural breasts still have that high, full, round look and implants offer a larger version of that, or 2) they want more dramatic (less natural-looking) results. High profile implants tend to sit further apart on the chest compared to moderate implants, which are better for filling in cleavage. Since your primary goal is for results that look natural, a moderate profile implant is more likely to meet that goal.
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Breast implant surgery after Capsular Contracture

This is an interesting question.  In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of breast surgery is placing an implant that fits your chest dimensionally well.  When changing from Saline to Silicone implants, in order to maintain an equal volume, a larger  volume of silicone would be required.  The dimensions of a high profile and moderate profile implant vary tremendously.  The implants you mentioned have very different dimensions. Their volumes will leave you with a smaller breast size than you presently have.  I would suggest that you and your surgeon discuss the dimensions of the implants you have currently and choose your silicone implants based on their dimension and projection and the size you wish to achieve.  Remember, the higher the profile of the implant, the more projection from your chest which tends to result in a less natural look. I hope this information will be helpful to you in making your decision .
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Go with moderate implants


When you say that you want a more “natural” appearance, my instinct is to suggest going with the moderate profile implants. The size difference between your existing 430 cc implants and the new 421 cc or 425 cc implants really isn’t going to be significant; what’s going to make the real difference is the implant shape. High profile implants will add more forward projection compared to the moderate implants. I am assuming that both implants are round in shape, which adds fullness to the upper pole (the high part of the breast) as well. This fullness is another factor that looks more dramatic and less like the natural breast, but will be less pronounced if you choose moderate profile implants instead.

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