Moderate Vs High Profile Breast Implants to Retain Cup Size?

I am having Breast Implant revision next week due to capsular contracture from the first surgery 11 yrs ago. I have 430cc Saline breast implants under muscle at present and will go back with Silicone breast implants. I am trying to decide between 421cc moderate profile or 425cc high profile. I am currently a 36C and want to keep my same cup size just want a more natural appearance.

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Saline and Silicone breast imlant sizes- High vs moderate propfile breast implants

usually saline impalnts are perkier than silicone implants. moderate profile breast impalnts give better cleavage and fullness of the upper pole than high profile implants. Also, breasts generally look flatter and smaller after a capsulectomy procedure. You should consider these points in deciding on the size of new breast implants.

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Choice of implants

You are comparing a high profile and a medium profile implant. While the two implants have similar overall volumes, with about the same number of cc's, they will have different shapes.

The high profile one will be somewhat narrower from side to side, but rounder. It will give you more fullness and roundness in the upper part of the breast, but possibly less cleavage/ more of a gap. It will tend to look more like "the push up bra" look than the medium profile

The medium profile implant will tend to be a little wider, but give less fullness on the top. In our practice, this shape is a little more popular, but it's really a matter of patient preference. Both can look nice, when they are proportional to your frame, and placed by a skilled surgeon.

Do you know what shape (profile) your current implant is? If you are trying to maintain that exact look, use that information as your guideline.

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implant exchange

It is difficult to determine whether or not a high-profile implant suit your needs.    Some of this is based on whether or not you had a high profile implant to begin with and how much that implant was filled at the time of surgery. Over the years with implants or without implants breasts tend to lose volume, and thus removing replacement of breast implants generally requires a slightly bigger implant than the previous one to account for some of the tissue loss and restore the volume. High-profile implants tend to give more upper pole fullness and projection while moderate plus or moderate implants tend to fill out the width of the breast better. Implant selection has become more and more confusing with a larger variety of implants available to the market today than 10 years ago. I would seek a board-certified plastic surgeon who's familiar with breast revision surgery to help you make your decision.

It depends on your proportions.

Dear Doody,

The volume and profile is just part of the equation. Your surgeon needs to pick an implant that is appropriate for your proportions. The diameter of your breast, distance from nipple to infra mammary fold, and skin envelop characteristics are all important factors in deciding what implant would give you a natural appearance. There is only a 4cc difference in volume between your two implant choices but there is almost 1.5 cm difference in diameter and a 1cm difference in projection between the 421 and the 425cc implants. This could mean the difference between a natural and a "done" look to your breasts.

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Moderate vs High Profile Breast Implants

Both companies that make breast implants, Allergan and Mentor, have three styles of implants, low, moderate and high profile. High profile implants have a relatively small diameter with a greater projection to diameter ratio than the other implants. Low profile implants have a much lower projection to diameter ratio. Moderate are in between.

For a majority of patients the moderate profile implants look the most natural. High profile implants can work well in women with a narrow breast width. Low profile are good to add upper pole fullness in an augmentation mastopexy.

High Profile vs. Moderate Profile Breast Implants

The difference in appearance between moderate profile and high profile implants will generally be breast width ( the moderate profile is wider) and projection (the high profile will fill the breast more forward).
Your surgeon will also be concerned with the best fit in terms of the implant dimensions and your chest dimensions.
Truthfully, the aesthetic differences tend to be subtle and the dimensions tend to differ by fewer than a 3-4 millimeters in any direction.

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Profiles of different implants

You should speak with your PS and together choose the right implant to meet your needs. Higher profile implants give more projection and less cleavage. Moderate profile implants allow for more cleavage and less projection. Don't place too much emphasis on profile but rather on the appropriate size of the implant.

Breast implant revision-comparing replacement implants

It is very difficult to know what implant would be best for your particular situation without a formal assessment. Although the process of removing a capsule and then replacing implants requires a bit of finesse and thoughtfulness on the part of your plastic surgeon. It is important that you have the opportunity to communicate your desires for size and shape and that the proper procedure and implant be recommended for you. 

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Projection vs. volume

The different implants will give you different looks.  A high profile implant will give you more upper pole fullness.  To be safe when doing a revision, it is often best to go up in volume, even if it is just a little bit.

Breast Implants--High Profile vs Moderate Profile

Saline implants tend to look a little more arced with more projection compared with a silicone gel implant of the same volume. The high profile is a little more arced than the moderate profile silicone gel implant because it is slightly narrower and projects slightly more.  Assess what you mean by a more natural appearance. Does it mean less arced? If so a moderate shape may suit you. But perhaps you don't want the implants to be as wide, in which case the high profile would suit you.

Tell you plastic surgeon what your priorities are and ask for guidance. Also request the width and the projection of the two implants you are considering. (You will see that the differences are actually very subtle.) Your plastic surgeon can map out the dimensions to show you the differences. Your plastic surgeon will be the best one to give you guidance.

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