Is Squishing Noise & Swelling Normal 2 Days Post Breast Augmentation?

Is it normal to have squishing noise and swelling on my sternum, sides & back after BA two days ago?I got silicon unders, 325 and 350

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Is Squishing Noise & Swelling Normal 2 Days Post Breast Augmentation?

Both are normal. When the incision is closed there is air trapped in the pocket, and it is resorbed over the course of a week or so, and that is the source of the strange sounds. Swelling is common.

Not to worry. All the best. 

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Gurgling Implants

Yes, this can happen.  If some air is trapped in the pocket where the implant is placed, it may gurgle or whistle with motion until it is all absorbed.  This should resolve within 1-2 weeks.

Strange noises in the chest are common for several days after breast augmentation.

Before the capsule has formed around the breast implant, the pocket in which the implant resides as fluid which the implant can shift as it moves around. This can generate some benign sounds that can be unnerving. Nothing to worry about.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Hearing Sounds after Breast Augmentation?

What you are describing is quite commonly described after breast surgery.  The sensation of air trapped in the tissues is also commonly described. However, any significant increase in swelling/size would be of concern.

 Best wishes.

Squishy noises after augmentation

are guaranteed to go away with time as the fluid and air is resorbed.  Watch for marked changes in breast size as this is a more urgent issue.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Squishing noise 2 days post op

The squishing noise and swelling that you are describing 2 days post breast augmentation sounds normal.  Good luck with recovery.

That noise is normal 2 days post-op

At 2 days following surgery, a large number of my patients have that exact squishing sound you describe.  There is some fluid and swelling still around the implant and in the tissues, and there is also some air left in the tissues that was introduced during surgery.  All of these things will resolve on their own with time, and you shouldn't worry about them.

Completely Normal

My patients often call concerned about squeaking or even farting noises and these are all completely normal as there is a small amount of fluid and air trapped around the implant.

Evan Feldman, MD
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Not to worry- It is completely normal post Breast Augmentation Surgery


The squishing noise and swelling is very normal post Breast Augmentation Surgery. You should expect the initial swelling to go down substantially sometime within the next 1- 2 weeks or so. You'll start feeling more like yourself as the implants settle in and that squeeky, squishy noise goes away.

Moriah Moffitt, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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