Should I Lose Weight Before Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello, I am having a BBL on May 24th, I am 5'6" and weigh 163 lbs. I normally like to be around 150 to 155lbs but am worried there wont be enough fat for harvesting. Would it be okay for me to lose 10 to 15 lbs before the surgery?

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Best weight for Brazilian Butt Lift............


When considering the Brazilian Butt Lift, it is always best to be "close" to your ideal body weight, but not so close that you don't have enough fat to be removed and transferred to your buttocks. At 5'6'', "Ideal" body weight is 130 lbs. That may not be the weight where you are happiest with your figure, so 150 may also be reasonable if that is where you feel most comfortable. At 150, you will most likely still have enough excess fat around your waist line and possibly your thighs to provide significant filling of your buttocks and a beautiful shape to your waistline. What you don't want to do is lose weight after this surgery or your buttocks will most likely shrink also. I find patients get the best result when they are a minimum of at least 10-20 lbs above their ideal weight, but not more than 50 lbs over. 

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Losing Weight before Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer to Buttock)

Fat is an energy storing tissue. If you have a Brazilian Butt Lift where fat is transferred from one area to another and THEN decide to diedt and lose weight the volume of ALL your fat cells, including the ones in the buttocks, will go down. It is better to be at your ideal weight and NOT sustain weight fluctuations when having body contouring cosmetic surgery, including Brazilian Butt Lift. Dr. Peter Aldea

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Brazilian Butt Lift


When you have a Brazilian Butt lift, you need as much fat as possible.  Not all of the fat is useable and some of it dissolves after the transfer.  Remember that you will be having liposuction to the areas where you have excess fat.  So that fat will be removed from the areas that you don't want it and transferred to your buttocks.  You can always lose weight after the procedure, but I suspect your figure will be greatly enhanced that you won't feel that weight loss is necessary. 

Stanley Castor, MD
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You need as much fat as possible.  In my practice I do not ask patients to lose any weight when I am considering fat grafting to the buttocks.  There will 20-30% fat absorption post-op. In your case, my recommendation is not to lose any weight.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
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Brazilian Butt enhancement


Brazilian Butt  enhancement require a lot of fat transfer. If you want to loose a little 10-15 LB , you can do that first.

But now you can get a major body contouring by liposuction of several areas and do the fat transfer and you will get a very good figure, and a major buttock enhancement and definition

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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