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How Long Do I Need to Wear a Sports Bra After a Breast Lift (No Augmentation)?

Does the bra need to be worn 24-7 or could I just sleep in the sports bra? Also, why is the sports bra necessary as opposed to wearing a regular bra?

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Bra after Breast surgery


It would be in your best interest to call your surgeon's office and inquire about the surgeon's preference  given that he/she knows your situation best. Keep in mind that every surgeon has a different practice and that ultimately your chosen surgeon is responsible for your care and outcome.

Best wishes.

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Sports bra should be worn full-time after breast lift surgery for several weeks.


Steffi, I'm so sorry your surgeon has not given you this information. I can't imagine one of my own patients having to go on-line to ask this question of a bunch of doctors who don't know the details of the surgery I performed for her!

Unless your surgeon has told you otherwise, you should wear a sports bra or jog bra (no underwire) full-time for a minimum of 3 weeks. This is to allow the skin flaps to adhere and heal to the underlying breast tissue. If you were to NOT wear a bra, there is little to prevent your tissues to collect fluid (serum and/or blood) beneath the not-yet-healed skin flaps that your surgeon created in order to remove skin and tighten the remaining skin into a higher, perkier covering for your breast tissues.

No bra allows too much movement and increases the risk of fluid collection that could prevent healing in one or more areas, become infected, or drain suddenly and unexpectedly. A "regular" bra is often less-than-full coverage, and can simply provide inadequate pressure in some areas of the lifted breast tissues that really would benefit from tissue-to-tissue adherence, as well as irritate the incisions. A non-underwire, full-coverage, stretchy sports bra or jog bra provides gentle compression that aids the healing of your breast tissues without causing incision breakdown and worse scars.

You can buy pretty, lacy, and underwire or other "shaping" bras once your breasts have healed sufficiently. Again, ask your surgeon and follow his or her instructions. Best wishes!

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