How Long to Wear the Drains After Strattice Breast Surgery?

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Drains and Breast Augmentation Surgery

As a general rule, plastic surgeons usually remove drains placed during breast surgery (i.e. breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, or a breast augmentation with breast lift)  when the drains are putting out less than 20-30 cc of fluid per day; drains are thus usually removed within 5 days of surgery.

However, because your breast surgery required the use of Strattice, you may have more drainage and require drains for a longer period of time.  Removing drains too early can result in unwanted fluid collections underneath the skin.

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When do Drains Come Out

In my practice, Drains are typically removed when they drain 30 cc or less clear straw colored fluid per drain per day. However different surgeons have different approaches to drain management and you should only follow your own surgeon's advise.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Rule to thumb with drains is when they stop draining

In surgery we use a general rule of thumb of when drains stop draining.  In practice there is variabillty.  Most surgeons will wait until drainage is less that 30 mls for a 24 hr period, with it usually requiring less than 5 days for drainage to stop.  Unfortuanely, materials used to reform the pocket (ie sSrattice) drianage sometimes may persist longer from the irritation of the implant.  Under such circumstances a surgeon must judge the risks associated with infection from prolonged placement of drains (ie more than several days) against that of fluid collection from too early removal of drains.  With prolonged placement of drains in pockets with implant material it is wise to cover with antibiotics.

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Use of Drains with Strattice

When I use Strattice in breast surgery, I wail until the drains are putting out less than 20 cc oer day to remove. This is generally 1-2 weeks. Drains are important to avoid fluid build-up that could keep the Strattice from healing to the breast. I also keeo my patients on oral antibiotics the entire time they have drains.

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