How Long to Wear Compression Garment After Vaser Neck Lipo

I am 32 years old male with good skin and I am planning to go for NECK and jaw vaser lipo. My surgeon ( board certified) has suggested me to wear compression garment for at least a week. As I can't take leave from work. All I can wear is maximum for 4 days 24/7 and then only in the night from 5th day. Is this realistic?. Will my result be affected by wearing garment only 4 days. Will I have a issue in my neck/swelling that it gets visible in public if I go back to work after 4 days? Thanks.

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Compression Garment after Neck Lipo

For my patients undergoing VASER lipo of the neck, jowls and chin, I typically have them wear the compression garment post-operative for 5 days 24/7 then for another 2 weeks all the time when they are not in public. Lymphatic massage and external ultrasound helps to minimize edema afterwards and get you back into the public eye faster. Sleeping with your head elevated also is mandatory.

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Vaser Lipo

We have some patients with the same issue as you, and the ideal is to keep it on 24/7, but some compromises have to be made.  The outcome will vary from one patient to another.  Ask your surgeon their opinion as they can see and examine you.

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Compression garment after neck liposuction

I recommend two weeks of neck compression day and night after neck liposuction with the Vaser system. You can remove it for one hour three times per day. Thereafter, use at nighttime for two more weeks. Some patient's protocol may change depending on lifestyle needs and degree of liposuction performed. From El Paso.

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