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How Long Does It Take for Hypopigmentation Spots to Go Away After a Photofacial?

I am about 18 or 19 days post photofacial/photorejuvenation. My hyperpigmention is gone and most of my hypopigmented spots are blending in with the rest of my skin. However, I have two laser shaped lighter spots on my forehead temple. These areas were definitely the most traumatized after the procedure. They seem to be getting better, but I want to know how long it usually takes for hypopigmented spots to color up after the procedure. I am very concerned they will never go back to normal.

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Photofacials will not treat hypopigmentation areas.  I would encourage you to wait a few months for pigment to return.  Make sure to protect your skin with sun screen and minimizing sun exposure. 

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A FF will not remove hypopigmentation spots, only remove the dark marks around them.  You may need 3-6 months for the pigment to normalize.  Avoid the sun and use spf 30 or more.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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