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How Long to Wait to Have Sex After Breast Augmentation?

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Sex after breast augmentation

Dear Jasmine, 
Most surgeons will tell you to wait at least 2 weeks.  The reason is that we don't want your blood pressure rising too much as that can lead to a blood collection around the implant called a hematoma. So you should also avoid all other activities that raise your blood pressure, like working out, or getting overly excited.  After 2 weeks, you should approach it carefully and avoid movements that can cause you or your partner to dislodge the placement of the implant for about 6 weeks.  Of course it is always best to follow the advice of your plastic surgeon as each has different protocols and reasons for them based on your case.  Best wishes. 
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Waiting is a good thing

You've spent all this money on getting your brand new breasts, don't mess it up by being impatient.  You want to avoid anything that is going to raise your blood pressure and heart rate for two weeks.  You want to avoid any physical activity that can dislodge your breast implants during the first 6 weeks

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Sex and Surgery


It is not recommended to raise your blood pressure or heart rate significantly for 2 weeks after surgery.  At that time, it is up to the individual when to resume sexual activity.

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Sex after breast augmentation? Like Porcupines!


Well there is sex, and then as Bill Clinton taught us, there is sex.   I suppose its ok to have sex very early....on the same day as surgery if you wish....but be wise about it.   This question reminds me of another question......How do porcupines have sex.......?    Answer......very carefully!   So....very carefully.   Since sex can raise the blood pressure and elevated blood pressure can increase the risk of bleeding , I suppose one should wait a week or 10 days.   But we are right back to the adage that there is sex and then there is sex.   Certainly for the first ten days keep it pretty dull!   Best of luck and be careful.

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Wait two weeks for sex, not matter what he says!


The increase heart rate, blood pressure and dilation of blood vessels that accompany sex or other "activities" are risky in the first two weeks after this surgery.  You don't want to endanger a great result with impatience.  

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Sex after breast augmentation surgery


The decision to have plastic surgery is a major investment of time and emotion and as such you want to do everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome.  The two things of greatest concern after breast augmentation are wound disruption and bleeding, both of which may occur secondary to physical activity, including sex.  I advise my patients, that gentle sex, avoiding manipulation of the breasts, is possible at 4 weeks following breast augmentation and that they may return to full physical activity at  6 weeks.

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Sex after breast augmentation

Wait at least two weeks- getting your body excited and worked up increases your bleeding risk right after surgery. After two weeks, listen to your body - sex is ok, but avoid a lot of manipulation of the implants (remember your new breasts are still healing). After four to six weeks, enjoy! Best wishes.
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Breast Implants - How Long After Before I Can Have Sex?


Hi jasmine kennedy,

This is a great - and commonly asked - question, but there is no absolute answer.  I advise my patients that there is NO exercise for AT LEAST three weeks after surgery.  At that point, and depending on how you feel, you can "start slowly and advance as tolerated."  That refers to "exercise" but it really applies to everything.

So, if you're talking about gentle love-making and physical contact, I would advise waiting at least three weeks, and then seeing how feel before making a decision to go forward.  If you're talking about wilder activities - of any kind - I would wait even longer.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler

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