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Liposuction on Belly with Stents in Chest?

I am considering liposuction around my belly area. I have two stents in my chest but have passed all stress test since and my cardiologist has not scheduled a stress test for at least another year. I diet and workout three times a week ( cardio is running or walking plus weightlifting) and can't seem to loose the belly weight. I am a 52 year old male in otherwise excellent health. Is this safe for me to consider?

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Liposuction with Stents in Chest


     If you receive cardiac clearance for the procedure, you may be a candidate for liposuction.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Heart-coronary stents and cosmetic surgery


That depends on what medical conditions you have (like diabetes), why the stent(s) was/were placed, how long the stent has been in place, which artery the stent is in, whether or not it is a drug eluting stent, how long the stent is and whether or not you are taking a blood thinner to prevent clotting of the stent. There is a high mortality rate for non-heart surgery in those with drug eluting stents that have been in place for less than a year. The factors involved in the treatment algorithm are so complex that the input of the cardiologist who placed the stent is imperative.

I had a patient whose stent was in the vertebral artery which runs along the spinal column of the neck into the back side of the brain. The patient was on also on a blood thinner that could not be stopped but we were able to remove a small skin tumor by temporarily switching to a different type of blood thinner. This required planning and coordination between groups of doctors.

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