I'd Like to Find a NY Dermatologist That Will Do These?

1) Write me a prescription for birth control to help with acne. During my teen yrs I was on birthcontrol and I feel it was more effective than the antibiotics and retinoids that various dermatologists I consulted with these past 3 yrs have recommended to me. 2) Has treated patients that have experienced wrinkles/cracks/scratches/broken capillaries caused by tazorac. I've been off tazorac for 3 months now and my skin hasnt recovery. Wish I'd never been introduced to retinoids

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Birth Control for Acne

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Many patients find that birth control pills help to control their acne, particularly during the 20's and 30's, when androgen hormones may influence the skin more dramatically.  I recommend discussing treatment with birth control pills or an anti-androgen medication called Spironolactone with your dermatologist.  When appropriate, these medications can help to clear up hormonal acne.

A good dermatologist will also be able to help you repair the dryness on your skin caused by Tazorac, and recommend a regimen that works better for your skin type in the future.  If you have 'broken' capillaries, a vascular laser (such as the KTP or the VBeam) can be used to remove the tiny vessels from your skin.

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