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Can You Get Insurance to Pay for a Tummy Tuck Because of Prolapsed Uterus and Other Issues?

After my second child last yr I have been told I have a umbilical hernia, rectus abdominis, and a prolapsed usterus, bladder and rectum. My gyn will be doing a hysterectomy, do you think insurance would pay for a tummy tuck to fix the rest?

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Tummy tuck and insurance


It is difficult to have insurance pay for a tummy tuck but I do request coverage from carriers. Also, I do arrange to do a tummy tuck with a Gyn during the same procedure which decreases costs. I am offering a temporary price reuction and excellent financing for all cosmetic surgery. Watch my video!

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Will insurance cover a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)


A tummy tuck will not fix the rest and therefore an insurance company is highly unlikely to pay fo the abdominoplasty.

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Medical Insurance does not pay for ANY Cosmetic Surgery


Your medical insurance MAY pay for correcting your umbilical hernia, prolapsed uterus/bladder and rectum but it will not pay for flattening your tummy with a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty). Insurance companies regard all of Cosmetic Surgery as unnecessary surgery and do not pay for them.

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Tummy tucks are not covered by insurance


Although a tummy tuck will address the rectus diastasis that you describe, this issue is only a cosmetic problem, not a functional one. The other problems are certainly functional issues, but are handled with an operation that does NOT involve doing an abdominoplasty.

The second issue is safety: its been shown that there is a higher risk of surgical and medical complications when GYN procedures are combined with abdominoplasty. I'm personally reluctant to do any of these combo procedures.

Ask yourself: Why should you insurance company pay for an abdominoplasty, which is a cosmetic procedure?

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Nice try - but the abdominoplasty is cosmetic and not covered by insurance. But --- if done at the same time as the gyn surgery, the hospital stay or facility charge will usually be covered by your insurance.

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