I Am a Ftm Transsexual Interested in Top Surgery but I Do Not Want my Nipples Changed?

Is it possible to have top surgery without having the nipples removed, revised, or graphed on? I enjoy the sensation in my nipples and do not want to lose that. Or would a breast reduction be a better option? Basically I want a flat chest with my original nipples.

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FTM "Top Surgery" chest masculinization without nipple-grafting

Yes, it is definitely possible to leave the nipples attached (as in a breast reduction, only a more "extreme" form of the same), in order to retain at least some sensation, especially if you are starting at a C/D-cup or smaller with a relatively minimal "drooping" effect.  I agree that healing after full-thickness nipple grafting is often unpredictable, with high potential for partial nipple loss, thickened scars, pigmentation irregularities, etc., which is why this alternative "nipple-sparing" technique (with the incisions closed in an "anchor"-pattern) was developed and refined.

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Cannot have both

A breast reduction with preservation of the nerves to the nipple will not result in the flat chest you are looking for.  The double incision mastectomy requires nipple grafting to ensure the flatness of the chest.  So you cannot unfortunately have both.

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