I Am a Ftm Transsexual Interested in Top Surgery but I Do Not Want my Nipples Changed?

Is it possible to have top surgery without having the nipples removed, revised, or graphed on? I enjoy the sensation in my nipples and do not want to lose that. Or would a breast reduction be a better option? Basically I want a flat chest with my original nipples.

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FTM "Top Surgery" chest masculinization without nipple-grafting


Yes, it is definitely possible to leave the nipples attached (as in a breast reduction, only a more "extreme" form of the same), in order to retain at least some sensation, especially if you are starting at a C/D-cup or smaller with a relatively minimal "drooping" effect.  I agree that healing after full-thickness nipple grafting is often unpredictable, with high potential for partial nipple loss, thickened scars, pigmentation irregularities, etc., which is why this alternative "nipple-sparing" technique (with the incisions closed in an "anchor"-pattern) was developed and refined.

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