FTM Transgender - What are the Effects of Hormones on Breasts?

Firstly, I'm a trans male (FTM) and unfortunately I have a D cup. Top surgery is too expensive right now, but I plan on starting hormones soon. I'm looking for a few facts on the affects of hormones (T) on breasts if any. Do they cause any shrinkage at all or any other kind of side effects to breasts?

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Hormones for FtM SRS

Male hormones will suppress estrogen.  This will lead to some decrease in breast volume but not to a decrease in breast skin.  You can expect your breasts to droop as the volume decreases.  To get from a D cup to a male chest contour you will need a formal surgical procedure at some point.

Testosterone may cause acne and hair development on your chest.  If you develope hair it will likely be permanent, even if you stop the hormones.

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T and Double Incision Mastectomy

Top surgery is really the most definitive way to address your D cup breasts.  There are ways to finance the operation.  Hormone therapy may have some effect on your breasts, and if it is part of your plan otherwise, it will benefit you to start before surgery.  I would not expect the type of resolution that you are looking for without surgery however.

Breasts and testosterone in FTM transformations

I agree with Dr. Greenwald, your D cup breasts will need surgery eventually to tailor the excess skin.  Hormone therapy is not going to provide adequate skin reduction by itself. 

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Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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