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Hyperhydrosis treatment with Botox after lymph node clearance?

Hi, Is it safe to treat underarm sweating with Botox, 6months after breast cancer surgery. Lymph nodes were removed as well? Thank you

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Treating armpit hyperhidrosis after breast cancer surgery

There would be no issue as far as safety or efficacy in using Botox to reduce underarm excessive sweating, even after breast cancer and lymph node removal. Best to speak with your dermatologist about this and other treatment options for hyperhidrosis.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hyperhydrosis treatment with Botox after lymph node clearance?

Botox is a great way to help with excessive sweating of the underarms, I suggest you get clearance from your primary physician before having treatment done 

BOTOX for Hyperhydrosis after lymph node surgery

I would advise you get medical clearance from the surgeon who performed the surgery. Once he/she says the area in and around the armpit (the axilla) is completely healed it will be ok to proceed with BOTOX injections. Since I typically injects small amounts of BOTOX 30-40 times per each axilla, I advise my patients to apply a topical anesthetic they can purchase online before coming to my office. It will reduce the discomfort of the procedure significantly when used properly. I recommend a topical anesthetic containing 5% lidocaine and that it be applied directly to the axilla 45 minutes before the anticipated time of injections. I believe LMX, SOPERFECT Numbing Cream, and Topicaine are the most reliable of the OTC topical anesthetics.

Harvey Abrams, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Hyperhydrosis treatment with Botox after lymph node clearance?

Botox is placed just under the skin for treatment of excessive sweating. This should not create any issues as long as you've healed completely following your lymph node removal. Good luck!

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hyperhydrosis treatment with Botox after lymph node clearance

I have treated people with Botox after lymph node clearance. There is no contraindication. However, it is always best to discuss any procedures, especially those that are cosmetic, with your oncologist too.

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