How Much Does a Non Surgical Nose Job Cost?

how long would it last, if i got botox on my nose to reshape it ?

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Be wary of injectables for non-surgical Rhinoplasty


Botox can be used on the nose to treat some of the wrinkles that are created when the muscle of the upper nose contract. This won't change the shape of the nose at all, though. The shape, size, proportions will look exactly the same as it did before.

So what is the "nonsurgical nose job"? Some people have been promoting the injection of filler materials, such as Restylane and Radiesse, to change the appearance of the nose. This has been referred to as a "nonsurgical nose job."

I would caution you to be very wary of this. Remember that fillers can only add volume. Injecting them under the skin of the nose will simply lift up that area of skin. The "nonsurgical nose job" (injecting the nose with filler) in 100% of cases therefore makes the nose bigger. The material injected is amorphous or like a gel, and so, it is impossible to "sculpt." Any results you see will be temporary, lasting until the material dissolves.

For these reasons, its pretty unusual for this to be a good choice for someone who wants to look better. I would suggest you (and others who read this), get more than one opinion if you are considering this. Make sure to visit with at least one surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. It is considered perhaps the most difficult operation in all of plastic surgery. The aesthetics of the nose are nuanced. You deserve to see someone who devotes their practice to rhinoplasty, with years of experience helping people improve the appearance of the nose.

Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Unusual to use Botox for non-surgical nose job


Botox could be used to change the angle of the tip of the nose relative to the upper lip. Is this what you had done? If you didn't have this particular manuver -- I'm not sure exactly how Botox would make a meaningful difference in your nose.

Generally, a nonsurgical nose job uses some kind of filler (Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse) to fill a deficit in some part of the nose. A very experienced surgeon may offer silicon as a permanent filler, and this can work very well when performed correctly. This works well if the nose has a pushed in appearance on one side or the other. If the nose has a mild to moderate hump it can be softened quite well by injecting filler just above and below the hump. Some tip contouring can also be performed with filler.

How much does something like this cost? Well, that depends on what filler is used, what part of the country you're in, and the particular surgeon you're dealing with. Having said that, I'd count of paying at least $750 to $1000 for a well done procedure.

Hope this helps

Paul L. Leong, MD, FACS
Pittsburgh Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It depends on how much volume is needed to correct the problem.


This type of procedure costs between $300-1000 depending on what needs to be done. Remember this is ONLY good for filling in defects. Radiesse lasts 12-18 months. Botox is only used for "bunny lines" at the side of the nose.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane better than Botox for nose shaping


Botox can slightly lift the nose tip, but actual reshaping is done best with Restylane in the hands of an experienced injector. The best part is that it usually requires only 0.4cc and this will cost only about $300-400. It will last at least 6 months, often one year.

Mary Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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Non-surgical filler to reshape nose

Yes I can reshape you nose using a filler such as Voluma which will last almost 2 years. Usually 1 syringe of filler will work.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nonsurgical nose job cost

 We do not recommend fillers placed in the nose, since they're only temporary and aad bulk and volume to the nose. There are also complications that can occur with these injections in the nose. Botox can be used for the" bunny lines" along the top of the nose to help with wrinkles.
 Rhinoplasty as a surgical procedure to change the shape of the cartilages and bones located in the nose underneath the skin. Virtual rhinoplasty software is available on the link below, along with our rhinoplasty photo gallery to give you an idea of what can and cannot be accomplished with the surgical procedure

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nonsurgical rhinoplasty cost


Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is best done with dermal fillers and can last up to 2 years as opposed to botox which will break down in a couple of months.  The cost is generally $750 to $1500. 

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Non surgical nose job approximates the cost of a syringe of filler


In our practice, we use Juvederm (as an off label use).  We typically inject a small amount and then may repeat an injection anywhere from a month to six months.  We have patients where the first injection has lasted up to two years.  This procedure relies very heavily on the injectors artistic eye.  Even more so, then other procedures.  Its analogous to lip sculpting. Some injectors don't seem to have the eye and produce poor aesthetic results.

Pramit Malhotra, MD
Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon
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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Is Performed With Fillers


Non-surgical rhinoplasties are generally performed with facial fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse. The cost will depend on the type and amount of filler which is used.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical rhinoplasty costs.



The cost of a non-surgical rhinoplasty depends on the type and quantity of fillers or chemodenervation agents utlized. This can vary quite tremendously. Seek consultation with a qualified surgeon to discuss the risks as well as the alternatives. Typically costs begin at $300 but may range up to $4000.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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