How Long Does a Broken Nose Take to Heal?

assuming the fracture is straight and minor, and doesn't need to be reset, how long does it take a broken nose to heal?

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It Takes 6 Weeks For Bones to Heal

If you have a "hairline fracture" that does not need to be reset, then you should be able to resume full activity in a week or two. However, if you have a true nasal fracture, with the bones completely broken but not displaced, then you should know that it takes 6 weeks for bones to heal. 

If you have a broken arm, the orthopedic surgeon will cast your arm for 6 weeks. After a nasal fracture repair, it takes the same 6 weeks for your nasal bones to heal. We can't keep a cast on your nose for 6 weeks because the skin would suffer damage, but it still takes that time for bone healing. Especially in the first few weeks, the patient should be careful to avoid re-injury.

Some patients require more complex repair to address a twist of the nose, or a new nasal bump, or some other change in appearance after a nasal fracture. Examples can be seen in the web link.

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How long for broken nose to heal?

Assuming your nose does not require a closed reduction (any form of straightening,) full bone healing takes approximately 6 weeks.  Your nose is extremely fragile during this time period, especially the first two weeks.  If you should experience any further nasal trauma during this time there is a possibilty the nasal fracture will become more severe, and the nasal bones themselves may shatter.

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Healing a broken nose

It takes about 6 weeks for the bones in a broken nose to heal completely.  After that the bones are strong and will not move or change.

Healing time for nasal fracture

Thank you for the question. Generally, a fracture becomes "fixed" in 7-10 days. After this time, the bones are generally not mobile. Surgery can be done to reshape the bones, but a simpler procedure to "set" the bones is typically not possible after that time.

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Fixing a broken nose

A broken nose may take up to a week or two to heal, provided that it is reset by a plastic surgeon and splinted well.

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Broken Nose and Healing

A broken nose is a common injury and of course its severity and treatment can vary.  Simple fractures where the bones have not shifted, or are 'non-displaced', may require no treatment.  Healing generally takes about 6 weeks.  During that time activity that could shift the nose may vary.  This may include contact sports or wearing mask, goggles or glasses that may distort the nose.

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Broken Nose

It takes between 3 and 4 weeks for the bones to knit in place following a fracture.  I tell my patients to refrain from blowing the nose for 3 weeks as well.

Nasal Fracture healing time

Fractures of the nose involve the nasal bones. Nasal fractures come in many different varieties but in general, a nasal bony fracture will start to heal around 20 days; this means scar tissue is forming between the bony fragments and the bones are stable.  I let my patients start wearing glasses again at 3 weeks because the fear of pinching the bones is less  The scar tissue will be replaced with new bone by 5-6 months and will be completely healed.  The strength of the fracture never goes back to 100% but studies show it approaches greater than 95%.

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3-4 Weeks for a Broken Nose to Heal.

A broken nose will usually heal within 3-4 weeks. After a month it is very difficult to shift or move the bones in the nose.

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Depending on the injury

Depending on the injury and the amount of damage, the time to heal after a broken nose can vary greatly. Nasal bone fractures usually heal enough within two weeks that closed reduction to repair the fracture is no longer possible.  Complete healing of the bone can take 3-4 weeks, and swelling can last 6-12 months.  Complications from nasal bone fractures include nasal obstruction and difficulty with breathing.  I usually recommend patients to see an ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon within 1 week of the injury to determine the appropriate treatment.


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