Laser Resurfacing/Skin Treatment of Recepient Skin After Hair Transplant? (photo)

I got this bumpy skin after going through a hair transplant procedure to my beard region. (Please check Photographs) It seems like excessive skin with follicles was transplanted (Not sure though). Please let me know what exactly causes these bumps? And, what kind of skin treatment be beneficial in order to flatten and smoothen the skin without any further problems? Thanks much!

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Treatment for Bumpy Skin After Hair Transplant

The treatment for these bumps depends on how long ago you had surgery. With hair transplant, bumps/pimples are totally normal. They begin to form about 4 to 12 weeks out from surgery and can continue to erupt for several months. It might be trapped debris or skin, as you mentioned. It might also be new growth pushing its way out. Under these circumstances, the skin should clear up on its own, with time. However, if it has been more than 6 or 7 months since your surgery, I recommend you see a dermatologist. An antibiotic may be the first course of treatment.

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Bumps with hair transplant

This could be from the skin around the grafts or issues with the hair growth direction or something else.  The treatment to resolve it will depend on a closer in person examination and potentially a small skin biopsy.  You may want to visit a local dermatologist or plastic surgery doctor to help you out further.  

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