Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

I had a hair transplant of about 2,600 follicular unit extraction (FUE) grafts Nov 08. New hair is now visible in the frontal area, but it is sparse and I'm unhappy with the looks. Though most of the grafts were put in the frontal area of head, I had quite a few in the vertex area too, where so far I haven't seen any growth or changes. I'm now near the 6th month after surgery. What can I expect from this point on? What are my chances of having further improvement? Thanks!

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Hair growth after restoration


One of the most difficult parts of a hair restoration procedure is waiting. It can take many months for you to notice any growth from the transplanted follicles and even then they will be so short that they will contribute absolutely nothing to the fullness or thickness of the hair in that area. It really may not be until a full year after the procedure that you notice the true results of your procedure. Between years one and two you will still notice improvement and thickening. Don't give up hope. There are still many changes to come.

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Most Hair Growth After a Transplant Occurs Between 6 to 12 Months


Some hairs can grow between 3 to 4 months but 75% of my patients have almost nothing then.  Most hair starts to grow at 6 months with ongoing improvement between 6 to 12 months.  A few of my patients do not see appreciable growth until 9 months.  This is less likely but possible.  Although you must ask your physician, check out my video to understand how hair grows after a hair transplant procedure with me.

Samuel Lam, MD
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We expect 70-80% hair growth at 6 months

The final result of hair transplant is visible within 1 year. After the transplant some of the hair falls, whereas others grow after some months. This happens gradually. It is still early to judge if something has been successful. However, after such an operation I usually tell my patients to take minoxidil treatment, as it has been shown to prevent hair loss. If the operation has been done in the right way-after the operation we tell patients to spray their head every 30’ with saline for the first days–you shouldn’t worry. Normally we expect 70-80% hair growth at 6 months after a FUE procedure.

Anastasios Vekris, MD
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Vertex hair growth after FUE and transplantation

Six months is a good indicator, however, some hairs that have been transplanted go into a longer catagen (sleep) phase.  I would give it a few more months and judge around the 8th month. However, in the mean time I recommend using Rogain Foam once a day on the area. The foam is not as irritating as the solution, and once a day use is effective. If the vertex hairs do not grow at the 8 month stage, please bring it up with your hair transplant surgeon.

Omeed Memar, MD, PhD
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Hair growth after hair transplant

Following a hair transplant you can expect the grafts to start growing after 4-6 months following the surgery. They usually grow at a pace of 1cm per month and you see the full result of the hair transplant at the end of 9-12 months. It might even keep improving beyond that time frame. I recommend patients to use Minoxidil & Finasteride for at least a year following the surgery as a supportive measure.

Be patient for now, it will get better. All the best.

Sameer Karkhanis, MD
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More time is needed


Consider non surgical methods such as Rogaine for now. There are many methods of hair transplantation.  Wanted them RFUE and another can be a surgical flap.  Grafts can be taken with as few as one hair follicle or multiple follicles.  The quality of the hair, the number of follicles per unit and the location in which the hair is to be placed are all important determinants in the final result.  While it is a common misconception that hair can and should be taken from any location, taking appropriate hair from an appropriate location is key to success.  For instance, one cannot always use hair from a beard to replace a frontal hairline.  The orientation in which Harris placed is also important.  If the frontal hairline is being created then it is important to make sure that hairs are aligned in the correct orientation.  The way the hair is also laid down, for example a staggered pattern versus a straight line will also change the quality of the result.  You should certainly visit with a surgeon who does many of these types of transplantations as well as offers multiple options for hair restoration.  The cost can vary by geographic locale.  In general they can arrange from $7000-$25,000.  When you go over consultation ask for before and after photographs.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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Hair Growth Improves Over Time


The earliest that we would expect to see some hair growth is 3 months post–op. Hair grows about 1 cm per month, so it takes an additional year for those earliest hairs to get almost 5 inches in length (15 months post-op ). Each month there are more and more hairs coming in and joining that initial growth, creating greater density. As the hair grows it also increases in diameter so there is additionally increased volume of hair as well as increased numbers. All of this results in increased coverage. This all means that it will take a minimum of 1 year to have a good idea of what kind of coverage you will get from your procedure.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hair Growth After Transplant


Following hair transplantation the hair follicles/grafts will go through varying stages at varying times.  There is definitely a dormant phase that will be experienced.  Give your results one full year - 2600 grafts to the frontal and vertex should yield very nice results.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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Hair growth after Hair Transplantation


As part of the informed consent process, you should have been instructed in the natural progression of hair growth after transplantation. In my experience by six months, you should begin to see regrowth, it may be fine hairs, but so  long as there is some growth that is a good sign. These hairs will continue to maturate with time.  You may want to try LED light therapy to help hasten the maturation process.

Arthur N. Falk, MD
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Hair Growth After Hair Transplant


There are a few patients that see some hair growth at 3-4 months after a transplant.Quite often you might experience hair growth in about six months. However, for some it might take a little bit longer of nine to twelve months. I would wait about 12 months after your transplant to consider another session. Nevertheless, if you have any concerns, you should go ahead and follow up with your surgeon. Make sure that they are aware of your concern.  "Dr.D"

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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