Gym After Liposuction

It's been 5 weeks since my laser assisted liposuction (love handles, abdomen and breast). I am male, 29 yo. 1.3 liters of fat were removed. Recovery is just fine. When can I start with regular exercising at the gym? I am afraid of tensing my abs at this stage, but maybe i have no reason for that? thank you! Daniel, California

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Exercise after Liposuction?

Thanks for the question.

Generally it is best to to follow your surgeon's recommendations.

For my patients in your situation  strenuous exercise can be started at about 1 month after surgery.  I would suggest that you “start slow” and listen to your body (look for signs of swelling after workout).

I hope this helps.

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At least 3 weeks after surgery

I generally advise that patients wait at least 3 weeks before they start exercising again. Please make sure to start off slowly. Sinc you're at 5 weeks, you should be okay.

However, you should follow your surgeon's instructions as they may have different guidelines.

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Liposuction - CanI Start Exercising At 5 Weeks Post-Op?

Hi Daniel81,

There are no absolute rules for this and you should, of course, follow the instructions and guidance of your own surgeon.

I generally advise patients to avoid exercising for three weeks following surgery but that, at that point, they can start slowly, and advance as tolerated.  Most people are less enthusiastic about exercising at that 3 week mark than they thought they would be preoperatively.

At 5 weeks I would say it's fine for you to go ahead - although I would still advise that you start slowly (and include stretching as part of what you do) and advance as tolerated.  I wouldn't suggest going for the marathon on your first day back!

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Resuming exercise after liposuction

Resuming exercise too soon after liposuciton can increase swelling (edma) and possibly even cause small areas of bleeding that produce firm hard bumpy areas. To minimize this exercise should be avoided for 3 weeks 

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Liposuction and exercise

Every doctor has a different policy about post-op exercise. I discuss with my patients that if they are healing well from liposuction they can probably go back to the gym within about two weeks.

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Exercise after liposuction

Now that it has been five weeks after your liposuction, you can probably return to your preoperative exercise regimen, slowly, and with your surgeon's approval. I doubt there would be any harm at this time if you were to resume an aggressive exercise program.

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