How Do I Gain Weight for BBL? I'm Afraid I Won't Have Enough Fat to Transfer, I'm 127lbs. (photo)

Hi! I'm 5'5, 127 and used to be very active but have since stopped to attempt to gain weight. I've tried Ensure, weight gain supplements, fast food and eating more but my metabolism is too fast! My icon picture is me. I'm hoping to have enough fat transfered to create a shelf and accentuate my curves. Please help!

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The "Logic" of Gainng Weight for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Unless you are willing to gain weight AND keep it on, it makes no sense to gain weight for a Brazilian Butt Lift. A thin person has as many fat cells as a ft reson. The difference is that each fat cell in an overweight person s full with fat while those in thinner people are relatively empty. When we eat more calories than we burn in exercise  and daily activivities, these calories are converted o fat and stored in out ever bulging fat cells. When we harvest fat cels (liposuction) and transfer the fat to the face, breast, buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), we are transferring the cells and their contents. Once these fat cells survive, their volume (fat content) would deend on your metabolism, your diet and your exercise. If you are an active individual, it is likely you will consume more than you take in. As a result, your weight gain AND fat cell volumes will go down and, in this case, your previously augmented butt will go down.  For this reason, a buttock implant may be a better option for you. 

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Exam is necessary to understand your candidacy for Brazilian Butt Lift

Hi there-

Rather than continue to struggle to gain weight, I would recommend that you visit with a surgeon experience din this procedure. It may be that you already have enough fat available to achieve your goals.

Best of luck.

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Weight Gain for Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

This question can be a bit of a slippery slope for some but for me it is simple.  I do not encourage patients to adopt unhealthy habits for aesthetic surgery.  The simple fact is that you are not a candidate for BBL procedure.


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Fat grafting for buttocks - BBL

It is difficult to say from the photos you have provided, as there is often sufficient fat stores even in thin patients on the lower back / waist and thighs that can be effectively utilized for fat transfer in the brazilian buttock lift.  You can either send me additional photos for review or schedule a consultation, preferably with a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in this type of surgery.  I have personally performed many of these procedures, often in thin patients with successful results.  good luck. 


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Brazilian Butt Lift

Some times Liposuction of the love handles and around the buttock there is some fat, Liposuction of these areas will give a visual enhancement of the buttock, and get some fat to transfer in strategic areas.  Consult an experienced plastic surgeon.

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