When Will I Have Full Range of Motion Back After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 10 days ago and still cannot raise my right arm straight over my head. Is this normal? My left has had full range of movement for a couple days. If it's helpful I was a A cup to a D and the right breast had some asymetry. Also is it normal for one to drop faster than the other?

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Range of motion exercises after breast implant augmentation surgery

Full range of motion is advised by some surgeons immediately after surgery while others are concerned and advise against lifting your arms over your head. I believe in instituting immediate full range of motion with no resistance as soon as possible after surgery. I am attaching the video illustrating the exercises we recommend.

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Range of Motion after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Your range of motion should return soon after having the breast implants placed. Usually after breast augmentation surgery you should have full range of motion evn before you leave the surgery center, though after getting through the first couple of days of mild soreness you should be back to normal. I would see your plastic surgeon to discuss your problems as this may be an indication of some increased inflamation, swelling, traction or even hematoma.

I hope this helps

Dr. Trussler

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Arm range of motion after breast augmentation

Although it is best to discuss this with your surgeon, in general, it may take several weeks before you are able to have full range of motion of your arms.

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Range of motion after breast augmentation

You should note a return of range of motion within 2 weeks after surgery.  It's not unusual for one breast to recover faster than the other, especially if you had more done to one versus the other.  However, if you are having pain are swelling which is limiting your motion, and which is not improving, you should speak with your surgeon.  Good luck, /nsn.

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Implants can settle at different rates

This will depend on the technique used by Your Surgeon. You should follow his recommendations as far as range of motion. But you will eventually regain your full range and strength. As far as settling of your implants, they can settle at different rates due to the normal asymmetries of your muscles

Range of motion after augmentation

I am assuming that your inability to raise your arm over your head is due to pain. If so, it is not at all unusual and may require several more days to resolve. In addition, it is not unusual at all for to demonstrate some asymmetry in the rate at which your implants drop if they were placed under the muscle.

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Full range of motion back after breast augmentation

First, you really should contact your operative surgeon with this concern. But in the mean time this is quite normal and will improve over the next 2 weeks.

Good luck from MIAMI Dr. B

Asymmetric Range of Motion after Breast Augmentation

By 10 days after Breast Augmentation you should have largely normal range of motion of the arms. While some breast asymmetry is inevitable when staring with breast asymmetry, such significant limitation of arm range of motion are not common. You should see your surgeon to make sure all is well.

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Range of motion after breast augmentation

You should expect to have normal range of motion by now.  You need to call your surgeon for an evaluation to see if there is a problem with the surgery or if you need some aggressive range of motion exercizes or even physical therapy.  Also, implants can settle at different rates, but have your surgeon evaluate this as well.

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
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No loss of range of motion after breast augmentation.


From your description you may have a problem after breast implants, and should see your surgeon right away. You should have no limitation of range of motion at any time, and your breast implants should be at the same level.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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