How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

How much does the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplant cost?

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FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Charging "By the Graft" is a Technique to Distract You; Here are the Facts:
Every day many people call our office with one single question: how much do you charge per graft? To a serious, dedicated hair restoration surgery practice, this is simply an impossible question to answer. This is due to the complexity of a hair restoration procedure, and the inherent variability of the intrinsic physical and physiological factors of each individual patient. While I am very aware that many practices in this field, both corporate and private, charge "by-the-graft," I feel this makes as much sense as charging "by the valve" when performing valve replacement surgery on a patient's heart, or charging "by the cc" when performing a breast enhancement procedure.

Make no mistake: charging hair restoration patients "by-the-graft" is the invention of the business man, not the physician.

For example, when considering a rhinoplasty (e.g.: nose job), a patient will most often interview one or more surgeons to find the one they feel the most comfortable with, as the public recognizes that nasal surgery is difficult and the results are often permanent. Frequently in choosing a surgeon for rhinoplasty, a patient will strongly consider the surgeon's training, experience, and how often the surgeon performs the procedure. After selecting the surgeon and meeting with him or her to discuss their wishes, and after the surgeon assesses the complexity of the proposed nasal surgery, a patient will typically receive a statement with "surgery fees" and "anesthesia/facility fees." Note that plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty surgery do NOT charge by the length of nose, they charge by the complexity of surgery. Most patients do not see a billboard saying "Season Special $1,000 per nostril rhinoplasty, minimum 2 nostrils, at Nose Jobs R Us." One simply cannot respond to a billboard ad and feel good about nasal surgery results.

Hair restoration is no different than any other permanent facial plastic surgical procedure, such as rhinoplasty or a facelift. Like a rhinoplasty, the procedure is difficult to perform when done well, and the results are permanent. The results are directly dependent on the skill, training, and experience of the surgeon, and the quality, experience, and talent of the technicians who will work with the hair follicles. I deeply respect hair restoration for what it is: a highly-complex surgical procedure involving not just myself, but my experienced team of full-time surgical technicians that brings unbelievable joy to men and women who suffer from hair loss. It is NOT a "plug-and-play" product that is the same anywhere you go as long as the "graft number" remains constant. This makes as much sense as saying every single automobile in the world is exactly the same provided they all have "4 tires." In hair restoration, there are hundreds of subtleties and nuances that vary from person to person. It is a procedure that brings my patients a great deal of happiness; it restores their confidence, sense of youth and well-being. It is a procedure that simply cannot be boiled down to a "per-the-graft" pricing.

The bottom line is that getting the patient involved in the details of the surgery, and negotiating the number of hairs to be surgically relocated, is really just to distract you from the more important things that some medical practices would rather you not think about, such as the experience, background, and training of the actual surgeon (or non-surgeon, or even non-physician, as is very often the case) who will be doing your hair restoration surgery.  In many States, including Georgia, the physician need only sign the papers on he case; his or her presence is not even required in the room at all.  There are so many hair restoration surgery clinics having non-medically trained people perform surgery that the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery issued a formal CONSUMER ALERT, which can be read in the link below.

Dr. Pramit Malhotra of Ann Arbor, Michigan warns "Rhinoplasty is a procedure not to pick on price." I strongly feel the same way about hair restoration; a permanent procedure that can be done in hundreds of different ways, by physicians and surgeons of widely varying backgrounds, from internal medicine to dermatology to anesthesiology. Remember that all types of physicians, even those without any ABMS-recognized board certificate or formal surgery training at all, may call themselves hair restoration "surgeons" in the USA.

FUE graft cost

It depends on the part of the country.  I have seen $3-$6 per graft.  What really matters is experience.  You want a place that is busy and has experience.  

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
Houston Dermatologist
5.0 out of 5 stars 6 reviews

FUE cost

As with any cosmetic medical therapy, cost is only one factor to consider.  Doctor
qualifications/expertise/reputation,safety provisions, individual attention, and results are all important considerations.  In my practice, comprehensive hair restorations includes vitamin/medical management, hair productions, and intense light therapy (6 months) in the price, so you really are NOT paying per graft.   Nevertheless, the price of hair restoration therapy with FUE usually runs from $5500 to well over $10,000.

FUE cost all depends on the number of grafts

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a breakthrough technology which involves the removal of hair grafts one at a time using highly specialized motorized equipment, typically from the back and sides of the scalp. Thanks to modern technological advancements, hair transplants are now more affordable than ever. Although your exact FUE cost will be determined by your individual needs, the following provides a general range of the number of hair grafts required for restoration as well as the overall scope of the procedure.

The cost of your hair transplant procedure is based upon:
  • The hair loss you've experienced so far
  • Amount of donor hair available
  • Characteristics of your donor hair (texture, color, curl, etc.)
  • Your desired results
If you wanted an estimate, it is best to guess around $6-$9 a graft. 

Arthur Katona, MD
Oak Brook Hair Restoration Surgeon

Cost of FUE

The cost can vary but we tend to charge between 6-8$ per FUE and between 3-4 for strip grafts. I think patients should focus on the talent and experience of the surgeon more than the cost as the results are dependent on the doctors experience.

William J. Hedden, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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FUE Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of FUE hair transplant varies from practice to practice like every other procedure.  The average cost of a FUE transplant is between $6-10 per grafts in most reputable hair restoration centers in United States.

Of course FUE transplant from different parts of body or hair transpalnt from scalp to other parts of body may have different prices based on the complexity of the cases.

Parsa Mohebi, MD, ABHRS
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Cost varies by region of the country and experience of the hair surgeon.  It is critical to not exclusively "price shop" per graft!  Surgeon experience is key, as well as technique and artistry that comes with it.  Spend time with your physician to get a sense of their expertise and aesthetic sense. 

Saving a dollar or two per graft for a poor result will cost you significantly more in the end when revision work is needed and when one must cope with the stress of living with a unsatisfactory outcome.

Best of luck!

Jeffrey B. Wise, MD, FACS
Wayne Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 66 reviews

Price of FUE

Price per graft are really just estimates.  The costs range from manual FUE, automated FUE (NeoGraft), and robotic (Artas) but generally fall between 5 and 7 dollars a graft.  Anything less than that you will want to know what corners may be cut.  Less experienced techs?  Not a plastic surgeon?  Not an experienced hair transplant doc?  Likewise, anything over $7 dollars a graft is equally something to question.

While it is a cliché to say "you get what you pay for", this couldn't be any more accurate when it comes to elective cosmetic procedures.   For brows or beard transplants the transplant costs may be more, but for scalp, I'd consider the $5 or $6 to $7 quotes as the standard.

Tim Neavin, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 7 reviews

FUE Transplant Cost

This depends on your geographical location.
However you should know whether you are being quoted per graft or per hair.
You should also know whether this covers the consultation, the aftercare and any medication required.

In the UK the cost is generally around £3.00-£5.00 per graft. Occasionally some surgeons charge per treatment/session or per hour for FUE.
Most important is the 'Surgeon' performing the procedure.

Dr. Hassan Nurein, MD
London Hair Restoration Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 3 reviews

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