What to Expect 6 Months After Hair Transplant?

I had a hair transplant of 2600 grafts (FUE method) Nov/08. New hair started to grow around the 3rd month (Feb). I'm now almost at the 6th month(May) after surgery, but I'm not satisfied with the results.
While new hair has grown in the frontal area of my head, in the vertex area there has been no visible growth. The new hair in the frontal area (thick, slightly curly, and dark)does not provide good coverage and there are certain frontal areas with hardly any hair. What can I expect from this point on (6 month mark)?

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6 Months After Hair Transplant

I typically see patients results almost double from the 6 month to 12 month period.  Although grafts grow at varying rates in patients, the majority of my patients have fair growth at the 6 month period.  When I do their 1 year followup and we compare photos they have almost double the results.  My advice would be to wait it out as you can be in the early stages of results.

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What to Expect 6 Months After Hair Transplant?

I am very sorry you are unhappy with your result.

Without seeing you in person it is very hard for me to have an opinion on whether your results were normal or abnormal.

As far as additional growth goes, our patients can expect growth all the way to 12 months in some cases. However, by month 9 all the hairs are typically showing, but have to play catch up with the hair that broke through from month 3 and 4. 

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Can't really say

Without an exam in person or at the least a before & after photo, you really cannot judge the result of a hair transplant surgery.  Your personal views and the actual result and realistic expectations may not match.  We all want and expect to look better after a cosmetic surgery, but expectations and reality sometimes do not match.

Finally, at 6 months, it is much too early to tell the final results.  It can take up to one full year (maybe longer in rare instances) to see your results.  

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2600 grafts, what to expect

I searched my blog for a patient who had about 2600 graft and was more than 6 months out of the surgery. The link show such a patient in the web reference section below

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Hair growth at six months post-procedure

Generally it is reasonable to expect about 40-60% growth by six months following hair transplant.  For many patients, complete results are not seen until 12 or more months, and you may go through stages of faster and slower re-growth.  Medical treatments that may support your existing hair and possibly promote faster re-growth should also be considered. 

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The first rule is that hair growth varies among individuals following an FUE transplant.  In most cases, you should start seeing some growth at 3-6 months after your transplant, especially in the front of the head and along the hairline.

Generally speaking, the vertex or crown requires more time to start and finish growing.  This is based primarily on vascular patterns and blood supply.  Some patients will see growth at 6-9 months for the crown -- others even a little later.

By 12-18 months, there really should be little to zero additional growth -- therefore, I would defer judgment until at least 1 year! 

Best of luck to you!

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Patience is the key after hair transplantation

Human hair grows slowly - approximately 6 inches a year. Since the transplanted often shed during the surgery, it takes a year (or more) to reach the desired length. Given the variation in the hair growth cycle, this can take even longer.  At 6 months, I expect to see some results, but your transplanted hair is still growing to your optimal length. - Dr. Keaney

Terrence Keaney, MD
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How much hair growth can I expect at 6 months after a hair transplant?

I have noted through the years that the first hairs start growing at about 3-4 months. At 6 months about half of the hairs have finished their dormant stage and at one year 95% have started growing. Maximum density is said to be at 1 1/2 years. Do not give up hope yet. You will have more density. Regarding the vertex, that area alone can require lots of grafts, according the size your area of baldness. 

I do suggest that you use minoxidil 5% to reduce the loss of your existing hair in your recipient area. It won't affect the grafts. Generally they grow regardless of what you use. You may want to consider fenasteride 1 mg per day also. Check the side effects on line. One fact is that fenasteride has a life of about one day in your system, so side effects should be temporary.

Hair Growth After 6 Months

Hi there. I'm sorry to hear that your FUE hair transplant didn't give you the results you wanted, but, 6 months is still too soon to evaluate your final results. It might seem like a long time, but hair growth is a cyclical process that requires patience. Your final results may take more than a year to fully develop.

If you're very concerned by your preliminary results, visit your hair transplant surgeon for a follow-up evaluation. He or she can better determine whether your results necessitate further treatment. Good luck!

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6 months after FUE

New grafts can grow at different rates within the same area (frontal scalp) or in different areas (front vs. vertex). Initial hair growth is often fine but as the hair matures it will often thicken and change texture.   Though 6 months may seem like an eternity already, with respect to new hair growth, it's not.  Try to be patient.  If you have concerns, absolutely follow up with the surgeon that performed your procedure. Without knowing what you looked like before the procedure, it is really impossible to say if 2600 grafts is sufficient to give you the coverage you desire in those areas.  For some, that is completely sufficient but for others that may be only a fraction of what they would ultimately require for adequate coverage.  Good luck

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