How Many FUE Grafts Would I Need to Restore my Hairline? (PHOTO)

I lost the hair around my peaks in my early twenties (I'm thirty now), it hasn't worsened much since then. The miniaturized hairs have been like that for years. My hairline looks nearly identical to the hairline my grandfather had through most of his adult life, until he lost it all in his seventies. So, I suspect I should be able to keep what I have. However, I'd like to restore what I've lost. Approximately, how many FUE grafts would I need to do that? Thank you.

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FUE Grafts Needed

It's hard to tell from the photos, however an average hairline in patients that have good density but some miniaturization of follicles is around 1,000-1,500 grafts.  This also depends on how much the angles have receded and how much they need to be corrected.  I would not consider lowering your hairline at all.  If you tried anything, possibly reinforcing your hairline in the area of the miniaturized follicles would be best in my opinion. However, you are young and my professional opinion would be to wait a few more years to see what happens to your hairline.

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It's important to stop further hair loss first, which is done non-surgically. As for # of grafts let's look at your donor area

In our practice, hair restoration and transplantation uses an average of 1500 to 2000 hairs in a session, which are dependent on the donor density or the number of hairs per square centimeter of strip. A certain number of hairs are also needed in follicular unit extractions or FEUs where individual hairs are removed by doing small punches on the scalp. Unfortunately for most men, progression of hair loss after transplantation is inevitable especially if they’re not using any medical therapy such as finasteride to reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Being a hair restoration specialist for over 10 years and being a leader in the field of regenerative medicine in hair restoration, I have actually quantified and developed a method of preventing the progression of hair loss as well as reversing the thinning of hair using a material called extracellular matrix (ECM). Extracellular matrix is material that contains progenitor cells that are absent in balding men. It signals the dermal papilla to begin the hair growth cycle. Extracellular matrix is injected along with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)which is taken from the blood. This combination reverses thinning hair.

In cases of balding and thinning hairs, I usually recommend the injections first before surgery. After a year, I assess how much hair has been salvaged by thickening through the injection, and see if the thickened hair give adequate coverage. From there, we decide the next step. I recommend that you learn more about hair regeneration so that you can restore a lot of those thinning hairs before you move forward to surgery. I hope that was helpful, and thank you for your question.

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How Many FUE Grafts Would I Need to Restore my Hairline? (PHOTO)


Based on your photos, I would highly suggest that you avoid HT procedures.  You have a wonderful density and hairline and you risk producing sparse results next to your great dense hair.  I would highly suggest waiting. I have seen too many who have come to see me to repair overly optimistic attempts at improving hairlines that need nothing.  Old saying "don't fix what isn't broken."



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How Many FUE Grafts to Restore Hairline?

It is very unusual for a 30 year old who has experienced hair loss to not have future progression of his alopecia regardless of his family history. You should have a careful examination of your scalp before asking in this forum  how many grafts will be necessary.

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Hairline grafts by FUE

An in person consult can get you the best and most accurate number and it also varies by how many hairs are in each graft.  You are looking at least 1000 grafts but its hard to be sure without seeing your donor area or knowing the follicle density of each graft.  If you go to a place that focuses on FUE or focuses on FUT you will probably get a better deal vs a place that does a little of everything or just a few transplants a month.  Also geography matters and marketing matters, as both of these drive overhead and thus costs to you.  

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Restore youthful hairline

Based on your pictures you would need at least  2 sessions of grafts whether harvested by FUE  or by strip. The quality of the work is more important than the numbers and good quality FUE grafts should cost more. To get density that could match your apparently thick hair, as many as 4000 grafts might be needed. And, if you follow the family pattern, you will need more grafts later in life so as to not look strange. However, this is all speculation. See a hair transplant specialist in person. 



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