Can Flat-Chested Women Benefit from Hormone Therapy to Enlarge Breasts Like M->F Do?

Can flat-chested women benefit from hormone therapy to enlarge breasts like M->F do?

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Breast augmentation is preferable to hormones

Typically it is not advisable to add hormone therapy to change the size of the breasts.   There are risks associated with hormone therapy, and if there is not a particular reason to use hormones, the best choice to increase your breast size would be breast augmentation.

Hormone Therapy to increase breast size

Thank you for your question. In general, there may be other risks associated with hormone therapy to change breast size. A safer and more predictable approach would be to use fat grafting or breast implants. I would visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options in more detail.

Hormones for breast augmentation?

Unfortunately it is not such a good idea in women - hormones have significant side effects and therefore are not recommended for breast augmentation.

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Bryan Correa, MD
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Hormone therapy shouldn’t be used for breast augmentation

The development of enlarged breasts as a result of hormone therapy is really a byproduct rather than the purpose. Hormone therapy brings about many internal and external changes in the body, and are meant to increase a deficit in natural hormone levels of women or, as you mention, aid in male to female transgender transitions. Taking excess hormones when your levels are already at normal levels could have unforeseen consequences. Currently, breast augmentation using saline or silicone breast implants remains the safest and most reliable way to permanently increase breast size.

Hormone therapy not safe

Hormonal therapy is complicated and doesn't just target the chest.  Though possible, there many downsides to this and it is not considered safe for what you propose.  Breast augmentation and implants are not without issue but are safe and most likely your best alternative.  A qualified surgeon can discuss the pros and cons.  

Hormones to enlarge breasts

I do not suggest relying hormones to enlarge your breasts.  Hormonal replacement therapy is for women, who after being tested, are replacing low levels of hormones.  If your levels are normal, taking extra hormones may do nothing for your breasts and could lead to other complications.  Usually small breasts are related to genetics. I would suggest seeing a board certified plastic surgeon and discussing what would look best for you.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Hormonal Therapy and Breast Enlargement

         Hormonal therapy is typically not utilized unless patients are suffering from a hormone deficiency. In most cases of breast hypoplasia, patients have normal hormone levels and their breast hypoplasia is modulated by genetics.

         These hormones also have the potential to cause complications. Estrogen is associated with an increased incidence of blood clot formation. It’s also associated with an increased incidence of breast and uterine cancer.

         In the majority of patients with breast hypoplasia, breast augmentation is still the treatment of choice. If you’re considering treatment, of this condition, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon would be appropriate. 

Can Flat-Chested Women Benefit from Hormone Therapy to Enlarge Breasts Like M->F Do?

There is no safe/effective medication, cream, herbs, or nonsurgical  method to significantly increase breast size. Be careful about believing heavily marketed “miracles" that you will undoubtedly read/hear about.   Best wishes.

Can estrogen make breasts grow

That's a great question and seems to make sense, intellectually.  However, if it were safe and easy to increase breast volume with hormone therapy, it would be common.  The reality is that taking hormones that your body does not otherwise need has many side effects, some known and some unknown. Hormones affect your whole system - mood, reproductive system, fat tissue, cancer risk, blood clotting factors, etc.... not just your breasts.   

Hormones and Breast Enhancement

Most women produce the correct amount of estrogen; that is to say, their small breast size is not due to a lack of estrogen.  Women with larger breasts do not have more estrogen than their smaller breasted counterparts either.  How breast tissue responds to the stimulus of estrogen varies greatly and adding more estrogen to the mix will not make breasts grow larger.  Therefore, if you are producing the correct levels of estrogen, then taking more will not increase your breast size.  Why males respond to estrogen supplementation is because males have very low amounts of estrogen normally and the extra estrogen then can stimulate breast development.  Taking extra estrogen also can  also have significant dangerous side-effects including increased blood clots and increased risk of developing breast cancer.  

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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