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I Want to Finance my Braz. Butt Lift I Have Poor Credit (530) How Much $$ a Month? Aprox.

I want to finance my B.B.L but i have poor credit (530) and I don't have a down payment. I want to know how much would i pay a month if i finance? I am so unhappy with my flat butt and fat stomach. I believe i would have to only donate from my tummy since i have a lot of fat and its the only thing i have a problem with ( besides my flat butt). I have big boobs and a flat butt and fat tummy. I feel un-proportioned p.s sorry for the small pics, had to take them with my phon

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Carecredit is usually best for higher credit individuals. I would best suggest as they work with subprime borrowers. They have lenders that will finance you via your employment verification and income verification. That would be my best suggestion.

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You can call " care credit" for financing options and monthly payement.

However you also need to think very carefully , what if you need revision, or treat a complication , how are you going to pay for that?????????????????????????????????????

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