Final Results After Breast Augmentation. Do They Fill Out More Post Breast Aug?

I would like to know if the breasts fill out more post-breast augmentation. Immediately after I know the breasts are very firm and swollen. As the implants drop and fluff does the diameter of the breast increase as a result? Or does it just get softer the touch? Also, does the type of implant affect the fluffing process or do high profile, medium and low all fluff with the same results?

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Final Results After Breast Augmentation. Do They Fill Out More Post Breast Aug?

It does not matter which profile implant you have placed when discussing firmness or softness, they will all soften over time. Saline always feels more firm compared to silicone. The diameter of the breast should not increase with time, but may appear wider as they settle. The final result can take 3-6 months

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Changes in breast appearance with healing, final result and various techniques

Changes in breast appearance with healing

  1. changes occur over 3-4 months
  2. the original size and shape of your breast matters
  3. under the muscle will project more with time and drop some
  4. implant profile will have a modest affect on changes
  5.  most will soften

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Final look post augmentation

The final look may take 3-6 months for the implants to fully drop.  As they drop, the breasts tend to appear wider.  This will depend on the type and style of implants used, your anatomy and dimensions and healing.  The final look is not predictable.  Some women end up looking like two half grapefruits on their chest and other more natural or tear drop shaped.

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Final results after breast augmentation

Following breast augmentation there will be changes in the shape and contour of her breasts. Usually your breasts will have their final shape within within 3-4 months. Normally the projection will change and increase more than the diameter of the breasts. The type of implant should have little effect on this process. Good luck

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Post-Operative Breast Changes

It’s not unusual for the breasts to undergo significant changes in the immediate post-operative period.Initially, the breasts are extremely swollen and the pectoralis muscles are tight from spasm.This causes the implants to be superiorly positioned and the skin to be swollen and very firm.
With the passage of time, this situation improves dramatically.This results in breast softening but doesn’t change the breast width.This is actually determined by the base width of the breast implant that’s been utilized.This situation isn’t changed by the size and style of breast implant utilized.

It just takes some time.

The type of implant does matter, it is everything. Saline Implants always feel firmer than silicone but not as natural looking. It takes time for the final result to appear, About 4-7 months if not sooner. Depends also on the size of the implants. Always consult with your doctors to see wish implant is right for you.

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Breast fluff

is something I am not familiar with but the immediate results will change and improve with time.  Your breasts will get softer and the implants will settle and descend to some degree, often influenced by how you manipulate or support your breasts.  The diameter will not change but as swelling goes down, there is a subtle decrease in size.

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Breast implant positioning and recovery

Breast implant positioning and palpability will change after breast augmentation, especially in the first one month.  I encourage my Los Angeles patients to avoid underwire bras and to massage routinely after surgery. Raffy Karamanoukian Surgery90210

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Breast Implant Settling Process

As breast implants drop and fluff they become softer and appear larger because the surrounding tissue is no longer swollen. Although they appear larger, the breast diameter should not increase over time. This process of settling is not influenced by profile of the implant.

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Breast shap after breast augmentation

The breast after an augmentation are the largest in size for the first week or so and then as the swelling decreases the size decreases including the diameter. The shape of the breast improves over 6 months after surgery and the implants move closer and to a more relaxed a natural position as the muscles relax and the edema resolves.


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