Can Fat Under Eyes be Removed Without Surgery?

I got baggy eyes & want to remove excessive fat from upper & lower lid of eyes, is it possible without surgery,if no how much it cost to the persons who resides in Canada or UAE.

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Upper and lower eyelid fat can be treated differently


For the upper lids, the only solution is surgery.  Upper lid blepharoplasty is a short procedure which can be performed in the office OR suite with suture removal two to three days postoperatively.  For the lower lids, while surgery is also an option, you can also consider the use of a filler such as Restylane as an initial treatment and then assess whether it produced the desired benefit.  The procedures can be performed together and the cost is relatively low.

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Under eye fat without surgery?


If you are opposed to surgery and depending on how much fat you have, filling out the surrounding area with a filler may achieve the appearance that the fat has been taken out. This is more like a camouflage effect, but if done properly you can get very good results without the surgery.


Dr Siegel

Michel Siegel, MD
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Fat removal around the eyelids without surgery

 To remove fat from either the upper or lower lids is a surgical procedure. There are 2 fat pads located on the upper lids and 3 fat pads located on the lower lids underneath the skin and muscle.
 It's important to make sure there's not any allergies present thyroid conditions he at least try a low-salt diet.
 If the medical conditions are not causing the puffiness, then you can proceed with a upper or lower blepharoplasty with a conservative fat pad removal. For many examples, please see the link below  to our eyelid surgery photo gallery

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Fat removal without surgery



Sorry bit there is no way to remove fat without surgery.  Some advocate heating the fat with a probe under the skin.. These results are not reliable and often disappointing.  Certainly, as stated above you can fill around the bag to camouflage it.



Dr. Massry

Guy Massry, MD
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Puffiness under the eyes may be treated non-surgically with fillers


The most common cause for puffiness under the eyes is inadequate volume under the eyes and in the cheeks, causing sagging skin, leading to puffiness.  Several types of fillers, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, may be placed under the eyes and in the cheeks to treat this problem.

This non-surgical treatment when performed by a specialist, is safe and very effective.  Most patients choose temporary fillers which are repeated at 6 month intervals, but there are permanent fillers, like Artefill available.

Good luck in your search for information!

David Mabrie, MD
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Do not remove your eyelid fat, reposition your eyelid fat.


NO IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REMOVE FAT FROM EYELIDS WITHOUT SURGERY!  Be careful about ypur eyelid fat.  95% of humans become hollow as they age.  Think about older people.  Aging makes us look skeletal.  We lose fat.  If youe eyelid fat is removed you hasten this aging.  Eyelid fat should almost never be removed, it should be repositioned to positions of need.  Good Luck

George Commons, MD
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Non Surgical Blepharoplasty


There is no non-surgical method for removing fat from around the eyes. The best alternative may be to add fat or facial filler to around the eyes to camoflauge the hallows.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fat removal without surgery


If you have only mild fullness of your lower eyelids then you may be a candidate for strategic placement of filler to mask the "bags".  Surgery really is the best method of reliably and predictably removing fat in the lower eyelids for a rejuvenated periocular appearance. 

Keshini Parbhu, MD
Orlando Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Non-Surgical Eyelid Rejuvenation


The simple answer is no, there is not a safe and predictable way to remove fat from the eyelids. It is important that the eyelids be evaluated. I have seen people who thought they had fat, the actually had loose or excess skin. In those cases laser treatments or even chemical peels can help. The appearance of fat under the eyelids may actually be due to the development of hollowness under the eyes. Filling this area with Restylane may reduce the appearance of fatty bags.

David Schlessinger, MD
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Non-Surgical Treatment of Lower Eyelid Bags


Without photographs it is difficult to give you specific advice.  That being said, some cases of lower eyelid "bags" can be treated successfully with a combination of CO2 resurfacing (fractionated or complete) and restoration of the SOOF and Tear Trough volume.  Some patients will also benefit from a minimally invasive "pinch"  removal of skin and obicularis muscle under local anesthesia.

Daniel Reichner, MD
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