Edge/ridge/hump/step off at Top of Breast Implants

7 wks ago I had PIP implants replaced with silicone round textured moderates 310g remaining subglandular. (Orig surgeon said when trying to go submuscular they looked awful as breasts a bit tuberous) Before BA was a pointy A cup Since surgery (with capsulectomies) I can feel the top corner edge (top and armpit area) of both implants - a slumped edge that visibly creates a hump in the slope. Its a kind of flat step at the top corner . I'm horrified and it is not improving. Please help/advise

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Breast Ridge

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A palpable ridge or implant edge can be normal. A visible ridge at the superior border of the breast may resolve with time, as subpectoral implants often appear high at first. If it does not resolve in a few months, it may be due to an implant that is too big, a pocket that is too small inferiorly, or both. Waiting four months from the day of surgery would be appropriate before performing a revision.

Breast step-offs

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WIthout and exam, it is difficult to say what is wrong.  Implants subglandular leave less soft tissue coverage than sub muscular.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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