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Does Dysport Take Longer to See Results or Did It Not Work for Me?

I had a Dysport treatment 7 days ago without any results. I am a 37 year old male and this was my first injection. I keep reading that results are supposed to happen within the first 48 hrs. I have strong corrugator muscles, would this slow the results?

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Dysport usually starts working in 2-3 days but full effect is seen at 7-10 days.

If you haven't seen any effect from the dysport , then you should get a touch up of it since dysport usually starts to take effect within 2-3 days and full effect within 7-10 days.  Be aware, there is always going to be a charge for more dysport or botox when and if you ever need a touchup .  We charge $300 for an area and $150 for a touchup if I did the original shots as long as the touchup is within 2 weeks of the original injections.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Dysport effects on facial lines

There is a difference between my experience and some of the publshed data available. A number of articles state dysport is just as effective as botox, with the same duration and maybe even a slightly quicker onset. So, just like botox cosmetic, you do need to give it 2 weeks to get a true representation of what it can achieve.

That being said, my office experience with four different injectors (myself being one of them) have had some issues with the reproducibility of dysport. I have had patients that did not respond at all, some that did for only a short period of time, and some that just had different and less precise behavior than with prior botox cosmetic injections.

So despite the fact that it's cheaper for the doc and the patient, I am no longer a big fan. Some patients do prefer it to botox, but it is no where near as predictable as far as patient satisfaction. The area it seems to work the best is the crows feet. My suggestion to you is to either return to botox cosmetic, or try it as a comparison. I think you will prefer botox cosmetic.

Kevin Robertson, MD
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Dysport effects usually occur faster than Botox

Typical onset of Dysport effects is 2 to 3 days.  Typical onset of Botox effects is 3 to 5 days.  Duration is the same for each neuromodulator.  I would recommend waiting about another week or two.  If you are still not experiencing any beneficial effects, you should revisit your injector.  In my experience, Dysport is just as reliable as Botox.  The variables are:
  • strength of the injected muscles.  Men usually have larger, stronger corrugators (the muscles that form the 11's) than women.  This generally requires a larger initial Dysport dose.
  • number of units of Dysport injected.  More units = greater effect. Chances are that you have had an insufficient number of units of Dysport injected.  A reasonable starting dose is 50 to 75 units.  (And yes, Dysport units are completely different from Botox units.)

Ronald Friedman, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Dysport for frown lines

The effect of Dysport should be evident by now, but there are several reasons why you may not be feeling you have an effect.

Men usually have a very strong glabellar complex that requires a higher dose of one of the botulinum toxins (BTX-As), with or without a little filler injected into the frown lines, to achieve a satisfactory result. I often inject a lower amount of BTX-A on the first visit to assess the response and to avoid complications from higher doses, or too much relaxation that a patient may not like, and then add more a week or two later. If you are paying by the unit, this is no more, and often ends up being less, expensive.  

If you are starting out with deep furrows, your muscles are very strong and bulky, but, much like an arm that is casted, relaxing them with Dysport will allow them to decrease their overall bulk, and If you keep up with the treatments before the effect has fully worn off, and before these muscles have an opportunity to bulk up again with more forceful contractions, you will see better and better results with the same doses over time.  In this way, the time between treatments often increases, and/or the number of units required decreases, with continued treatment.  In other words, you may actually have had an effect but it is not sufficient for you, so adding more units now, with or without the small amount of filler than make smooth the furrows further,  and keeping up with treatments on a regular basis should lead to greater and greater satisfaction, and with time you may no longer need the filler portion of the treatment and the necessary dose will also decrease.

I have not seen variability from batch to batch or patient to patient with Dysport as long as it is reconstituted and stored properly. I suppose it's possible that there was something wrong with the Dysport itself, but I think this is highly unlikely and your doctor will actually be able to demonstrate for you whether or not this was the case.

I think your best bet is to see your dermatologist or plastic surgeon again so that they can test whether you have had a response and whether the dose was adequate, then discuss with you the options from there.

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Dysport Results

Dysport normally starts taking effect in about 2-5 days with maximum results being around 2 weeks. Your results can depend on a few factors. It is possible that you may need more product injected, but it is best to wait 2 weeks. Sometimes you may require an additional amount depending on how strong your muscles are and sometimes it just takes longer to take effect. If you don't see results close to 2 weeks, you should definitely talk to your injector. You may also try Botox in the future to see if that works better for you as well.

How long it takes to see Dysport Results


After a Dysport injection, most patients report seeing a difference within 2-3 days, but the maximum result will not be seen for approximately 2 weeks.  If you have a strong corrugator muscle, it is possible that you made need a touch up to further relax the muscle.  I recommend scheduling an appointment with your doctor on day 14 to determine if more Dysport is needed.  I hope this information helps. 

Paul L. Leong, MD, FACS
Pittsburgh Facial Plastic Surgeon
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RE: How Long It Takes To See Dysport Results


Dysport results usually take up to a week to fully manifest.

However, a higher dosage may be needed to treat stronger muscles.

Dysport works like Botox. Your muscles contract because nerve fibers are releasing a chemical signal called acetylcholine. Dyport will block the release of this chemical. In your case, if the muscles are not relaxed to a sufficient degree, administering more Dysport may address this issue.

In some patients, Dysport results are very quick. Here is an example:


Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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You may need a higher dosing than what was initially used.  I recommend that you see your provider for a f/up. 

Sam Naficy, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Dysport Results

Patients usually see results within a few days with Dysport. You may need a higher dose then what was used. I would recommend seeing your physician in the next week or so if you still see no results by day 14.

Sumit Bapna, MD
Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wait 2 weeks to judge results

While Dysport does start working within 48-72 hours, it really takes almost 2 weeks to see maximum results.  I would wait at least 2 weeks before you decide if it worked or not.  Sometimes you may need a little touch up if your muscles are really strong, and men have stronger muscles than women.  It is much easier to go back and add a little more if needed, than to do too much the first time.  I would rather be conservative with my patients.

Mandy Lynn Warthan, MD
Dallas Dermatologist

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