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Dorsal Swelling or Callus After Rhinoplasty?

Had rhinoplasty 3 months ago to remove small dorsal hump. 7 days post-op, I noticed a bump on the side (and middle) of my nose that gets bigger as time goes on. Now there's a very defined line & "pit" on both sides. Doc says bone stays swollen longer than cartilage, that I just need to wait it out or use gel pad at night. Yes, it's only been 3 months, but I thought the swelling was supposed to get BETTER, not worse! Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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Dorsal Selling or Callus after Rhinoplasty


Time will tell if the hump is secondary to transient swelling or is actually a bony irregularity that is now more visible as the surrounding swelling resolves. Stay in touch with your surgeon, and rest assured, if this is callus formation a relatively minor revision procedure will correct the problem.

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Dorsal swelling or callus after rhinoplasty?


When recovering for a closed rhinoplasty the cartilage takes a while for it to fully heal. The swelling is caused by the tissues starting to adjust to the new shape into its form. The major swelling/bruising goes away after the first few weeks, but swelling can occur up to a year after surgery. You should see the full results after a year. I'd go visit your surgeon so they can check it out.

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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