Differences in Coolsculpting Machines?

Which coolsculpting machines are more effective based on the cost per session? Do some machines have better results on certain parts of the body?

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Only Zeltiq can guarantee Coolsculpting safety and effectiveness

There is only one provider of Coolsculpting (Zeltiq) that can guarantee safety and effectiveness of the procedure. There are imposters out there, and I advise you stay clear of them. Zeltiq makes many shaped applicators that are designed to fit different areas of your body, and your Coolsculpting provider will determine which applicators will fit best on your body shape. Best of luck. 

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Differences in Coolsculpting Machines

Coolsculpting is a registered trademark from Zeltiq. These machines are more effective and safer from both the patient's and provider's standpoint then the imitators.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Cool Sculpting devices

These machines are all produced by Zeltiq.  If they are not from this company then they are not Cool Sculpting machines.  There are many imitation devices on the market now.

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CoolSculpting Machine

There is only one CoolSculpting machine available that is made by Zeltiq. CoolSculpting offers different applicators that vary based on the different areas treated. You clinician will be able to best determine which applicator will be ideal to use on particular areas of your body.

CoolSculpting, Dual CoolSculpting. Zeltiq what's the difference?

There is just one type of CoolSculpting machine. It is made by a company called Zeltiq. There re different sizes of handpieces for different areas of the body. It is true that in order for CoolSculpting to be effective  the handpiece must fit the area securely.

Some practices use the term DualSculpting or Dual CoolSculpting to describe a treatment when two systems are used so that both love handles, muffin tops, or back rolls can be treated simultaneously.   In my practice we do use two systems simultaneously. We also offer vibrational therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system and compression garments to provide comfort.

CoolSculpting iby Zelttiq is FDA approved for Fat elimination. if there are "knock off" brands, I am not aware of other devices FDA approved fro freezing fat at this time.

Michael Law, MD
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CoolSculpting Machine

Thank you for your question. There is only one FDA-approved CoolSculpting machine available. This machine has different size applicators, and each applicator will give better results on different parts of the body. Your doctor will determine which applicator is best. Best of luck.

Only one machine

one machine - two devices, small (6) and large (8).   which device is used has to do with which anatomic area your are applying the device, how small or large you are etc.

Eric Chang, MD
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Coolsculpting Machines?

Zeltiq is the only cool sculpting  machine that has been FDA cleared for “fat freezing”. The device has 3 different applicators that can be used on different sizes of  adipose tissue “pockets”.


The CoolSculpting machine

There is only one CoolSculpting machine. It is FDA approved and made by Zeltiq. It has 3 attachments used for different parts of the body. The one for the abdomen is about twice the size as the small and medium ones. So the hand pieces are used for the areas that are to be treated.

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Are There Different Coolsculpting Machines?


There is only one FDA Coolsculpting Machine made by Zeltiq Aesthetics.  The only difference in the treatments is the size of the applicator used with the Coolsculpting Machine.  There is a small, medium, and large applicator.  The difference in the applicators is because different applicators fit the desired area better than others.  This also determines the cost since the large applicator is about twice the price of the small/medium applicators.  However, the large applicator sucks in 2.5 times more fat than the smaller applicators.  Truly, for the best result, you need an in person consultation to evaluate the area you want treated to see which applicator fits it best.



Dr. Liu

Grace Liu, MD
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