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How Long Until You See Dysport Results?

Its been 7 days since my Dysport injection, I see no results why?

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Dysport time of onset

Dysport, like it's relative Botox, can take up to 14 days for full onset though most people begin to notice some effect around 3-5 days.  I would give the dysport more time to work and then visit your surgeon and ask them for a touch up if needed.

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Dysport Results

Dysport usually starts to work in one to two days, and it usually reaches its full effect in about 10 days.  The median number of patients treated see results by day three. In other words, half of the patients treated with Dysport see wrinkle- soothing results before day three and half see results afterwards.  We usually follow up with all of our Dysport patients in 2 weeks.  So, I would recommend to contact your doctor in the next few days for a follow up.

Syed Amiry, DO
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It may take up to two weeks to see the full results of Dysport or Botox.  If you have not seen any change in 2 weeks, I recommend that you see your provider for follow-up. 

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Dysport~ when do you see it?

For most of my patients the results of Dysport are apparent after 2-3 days, some can take up to 7-10 days.  If you  haven't noticed any change 2 weeks and still have significant movement in the areas that were injected then you should follow up with your provider.  Sometimes it's just a matter of needing more Dysport to achieve the desired results.


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Onset of Botox/Dysport

Thank you for your question.

Although results of Botox and Dysport are generally noticeable in 3-4 days both can take up to 14 days to have full effect.

After 10 days I recommend following up with your injector, provided they have not already followed up with you. Effects of Botox and Dysport can be subtle and those with no wrinkles or very deep wrinkles tend to appear to have minimal change to the untrained eye. The best way to evaluate yourself is to attempt to move the muscles and re-create the folds or wrinkles. For example, the movement from attempting to bring your eyebrows together, raise your eyebrows or squint will be diminished or gone completely, depending on where the product was injected.

If it has been 10 days since receiving the product and you still have muscle movement at the site it is possible that either not enough product was used, the product was not injected properly, or the wrong or expired product was used.

Again I recommend following up with your injector; a sign of a good provider is someone who will re-evaluate you at this point and adjust treatment accordingly.

I hope this helps.

It takes about a week to get the full result

It takes about a week to get the full result, but people will start to see it as soon as 48 hours afterward. 


You should see the result by 7 days after injecting dysport.

See your surgeon discuss it, you may need to have another set on injections.

Make sure the concentration is right, the medication is not old, stored appropriately, and purchased from the company directly or from reputable source. There is a lot of fake products on the market here and in canade and mexico

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Dysport results should be visible in 2 to 3 days

During the clinical trials we performed for the FDA, one advantage Dysport showed compared to Botox was its earlier onset of action.  Whereas Botox takes 5-7 days before the effects are seen, Dysport is more like 2-3 days.

If you are not seeing the effects at 7 days, the following reasons could apply:

1. The product was expired, or sat too long on the shelf, and lost it's effectiveness

2. The product wasn't really Dysport at all, but some other chemical, ranging from saline to "black market" neurotoxins

3. You're injector didn't put it in the right places for you to see any effects.

The right product in the right place should produce results in 2-3 days.

Chad L. Prather, MD
Baton Rouge Dermatologic Surgeon

Appearance of Dysport Effects

Dysport effects are visible as early as 2 days. They should DEFINITELY be visible 7 days after injection.

In general poor results are associated with old / ineffective product, unknowingly using a black market/Grey market fake product, intentional dilution (IE injecting less than you are paying for), injector inexperience etc. For this reason, I urge patients to get Botox, Dysport from cosmetic affiliated doctors (Plastic, ENT, Derm) not from other doctors, chiropractors or salons.

You ALWAYS get what you pay for.

You need to ask your injector why you are not seeing results.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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