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How to Lighten Dark Scars from TCA Burn? Mederma, Bio Oil

I think it healed! I am currently applying Bio-Oil and Mederma w/ spf 30 , but I just want to know, how can I lighten this scars on my cheeks from TCA peel burn well? It still looks kinda red to me. What should I apply or if I ever go to treatment? What will be the effective way to at least lessen or lighten these imperfections at a lower cost?

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How to deal with post TCA scars and pigment

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The first and most important rule is a complete sunblock in the range of a 50+ SPF every day. Then, a bleaching cream such as Triluma (Rx) used once a day.

If after one month or so, there is still need for improvement, then Intense Pulsed Light (a laser like device) will usually complete the treatment.

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