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Cost of Shaving Down Nose?

I have an italian nose and it's big and I want to file it down to get rid of the bump. How much would all this cost?

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Cost of removing nasal bump

Shaving down a large hump on the nose is part of a rhinoplasty.  Once the hump is removed, narrowing of the sidewalls must be performed to prevent an open roof deformity, also known as a flat top nose.  The cost of a rhinoplasty is approximately $7000, this includes the operating room, anesthesia, and the surgeon’s fee.

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Cost of Shaving Down Nose

It is impossible to tell without pictures but you may need a full rhinoplasty. The cost ranges from $6,000 to $10,000. Send pictures or schedule a consultation to determine what should be done. Insurance may pay for some of the cost if there are associated breathing problems.

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