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CoolSculpting Numbness - How Long?

I had my Zeltiq CoolSculpting done five weeks ago.   I am already seeing some fat reduction which I am happy about.  I'm slightly concerned about some slight numbness that I'm still feeling in the areas done.  Initially the areas were completely numb and bruised.  The bruises subsided but some numbness lingers. Is it normal for there be some numbness at the five week mark?  When can I expect full sensation to return?  

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Numbness with CoolSculpting

Numbness is normal and persist for up to a few months. The nerves are stretched out during the procedure and take time to repair themselves. With the larger applicator, numbness can persist slightly longer. Give it some time and if it does not resolve itself, you should consult with your provider.

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Numbness After CoolSculpting

Numbness or dullness of sensation are common side effects after the CoolSculpting treatment. It should resolve typically within 2-3 months. In all cases with numbness after CoolSculpting (and we have done more treatments than anyone in the world) we have seen the numbness resolve.

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Numbness after CoolSculpting

Thank you for your question.

Glad that you are seeing results after your CoolSculpting treatment.  Please know that the numbness will subside - it may take longer for some patients than others.

Best Wishes!

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How long does the numbness last with Coolsculpting?


Generally, we see that the numbness with Coolsculpting resolves in 2-3 weeks and the degree of numbness varies on the area treated.  Usually more numbness is noted with the large applicators on the abdomen as opposed to the small applicators on the back.  Feel reassured that the numbness is temporary!


Dr. Liu

Grace Liu, MD
Newport Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Numbness in Coolsculpting treated area

It is not uncommon to experience a cutaneous numbness after Coolsculpting. Typically this lasts for a few weeks but may linger up to 6-8 weeks.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Numbness with Zeltiq CoolSculpting

Numbness is not uncommon with Zeltiq, but it can take weeks to months for some to see it resolve. I am not aware of long term cases of numbness, but as nerve endings can take more time than other tissue to heal, it is realistic to think it can take more than a couple of months.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologist
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Numbness after Zeltiq CoolSculpting always goes away

Some patients may experience numbness in the area treated with CoolSculpting. This may last from one to four weeks typically, although some patients may have it for up to eight weeks. It always goes away. I am happy you are excited about your Zeltiq results. It is a great treatment.

Numbness after Zeltiq CoolSculpting

It is common for patients to experience some tingling and numbness after has their fat treated with CoolSculpting. In most patients this will resolve spontaneously after several weeks.  I know of no cases to date in which it didn't resolve.

Ted Brezel, MD
Long Island Dermatologist
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Numbness after Zeltiq

While in most patients the numbness usually resolves in 1-2 weeks, it can be completely normal to experience numbness for 6-8 weeks post treatment and you should expect to regain all of the feeling in the next few weeks.

Rosalyn George, MD
Wilmington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cool Sculpting recovery

Numbness or heaviness varies in each person.  Anti-infallamtories may be helpful.

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