Do I Have to Continue Wearing the Foam Under Compression Garments?

I had liposuction of my upper and lower abs 9 days ago. I'm still in the level one compression garments. I have been wearing the foam underneath the garments, but it makes me look pregnant. Do I need to continue wearing the foam? What about in a week or so when I switch to the level 2?? My doctor wants me to wear compression garments 24/7 for three months, which seems a like a lot based on other people's experiences. I can't imagine looking 3 months pregnant for the next three months.

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Do I have to?

definitely sounds like something you should have thought about before surgery. at this point you need to stay on the horse as you are midstream. ultimately, the decision is yours. knowing myself, i wouldn't wear it but, then again, I am a notoriously bad pt. from a plastic surgery point of view, the opinions will be all over the place. most of us have abandoned foam. good luck

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Post-op routines after lipo

Every surgeon has a slightly different post-op routine.

The foam is helpful early on, but by 9 days out, you can certainly remove it, and just use your binder / compression garment.

I usually recommend wearing the stage 1 garment 24/7 for the first 2 weeks.  After that, you can go into the secondary garment.


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