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Wearing a Compression Band for 6 Months After Breast Augmentation?

After surgery the doctor told me to wear something like compression band above my breast constantly for no less than 6 month… Isn’t it too long period? They didn’t tell me to wear surgical bra, just strap around me. Is it right? Don’t I have to wear something to support the breasts? ( I have 275cc smooth moderate plus silicone)

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Prolonged use of compression bands on breast implants: Not necessary!


The prolonged use of compression bands that you describe is not necessary and I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon. In breast augmentation surgery, no matter what the breast shape, size or technique, the pocket dissection should accomodate the chosen implant size. I do not rely on bands or bras in order to "force" the implant down. Typically this is utilized for a blind dissection pocket that is too small for the implant, usually seen in some trans-axillary (arm pit) type techniques, and commonly doesn't work. Breast implants will be high riding after a sub-pectoral pocket placement because the pectoralis muscle has some amount of spasm over the implant and holds it in a high poistion. Once this muscle relaxes, the implants will drop into their accurately dissected pocket which ususally takes 2 to 3 weeks and not 6 months.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Trussler

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Wearing breast bands after surgery


Some surgeons recommend wearing breast bands after breast augmentation surgery. I generally find then to be cruel and  unusual punishment. In the event that your implants appear to be sitting too high initially after surgery, it is reasonable to wear a band to get the to settle sooner or to prevent them from moving higher.  If you have a situation where one implant is sitting higher than the other, I have found Ace wraps useful by wrapping the bandage above the higher breast implant and below the lower implant. In the majority of cases, I recommend no wrap at all. Six months is way too long in my opinion.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Use of Bandeaus (down pushing straps) over the Breasts should NOT have to be done for 6 months

Bandeaus, the down pushing, over the recently augmented breast, straps should be limited to very few cases and, in my opinion, should NOT have to be worn for 6 months after the surgery. Breast Augmentationis ALMOST a what-you-see-is-what-you-get operation. For best results, the woman should be sat up during the surgery and the implant placement must e as close to perfect AT THE TIME OF SURGERY. Relying on gravity or a strap to lower a breast implant which was placed too high does not always work. Furthermore, if the strap did not work in 4-6 weeks, it willnot work in 6-8 months. The ONLY possible indicationfor using it for a short period of time MAY be to help expand a corrected constricted breast deformityt (also called tuberous breasts) and even here I use it rarely and for much shorter periods of time. Dr. Aldea
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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High riding implants and prolonged use of an upper pole band


IF you have little to no lower pole redundancy and the implants are high riding after the surgery, it may be reasonable to use the upper pole band for a prolonged period with no lower pole support in order to encourage stretching, expansion and relaxation of the lower half of the breast which will allow settling an descent of the implants. 

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Compression bands do not help if breast implants are too high.



I know that many surgeons use these bands. But in our experience, the implants need to be at the correct level at the end of surgery.  If they are too high, bands will not bring them down.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical band after breast augmentation


The use of various types of surgical bras or bands after breast augmentation depends on several factors, and your surgeon may have specific reasons for recommending its use for 6 months. If you have concerns about the band, you should discuss it with your surgeon rather than discontinuing its use on your own.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Compression bands after implants

Sometimes compression bands are used to help the implants "settle" or "drop" earlier. Six months sounds long, but it would be best to ask your surgeon why he or she wants you in a band so long before discontinuing its use. Best of luck.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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