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Clothes to Wear After Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Lift?

I'm having a Tummy Tuck, Breast lift and augmentation in a few months. What type of clothes can I wear after? Many people say that because of the swelling, my clothes won't fit. Should I buy some muumuu dresses and maternity pants?

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Recovery after tummy tuck

Certainly after multiple procedures, you will have a certain amount of swelling. I usually recommend a compression garment after a tummy tuck. Loose fitting clothing over that should be comfortable until the swelling dissipates.

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Breast implants and Tummy tuck Recovery

After surgery, most patients prefer clothing that is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Tops and sports bras that zip in the front are great . Sweatpants work very well. Although you will have some swelling, save the muumuus for somebody else. Right after surgery you may need clothes that can accommodate swelling. The good news is that after the breast implants your bra size will be larger, and after tummy tuck, you will have a smaller tummy to fit in pants once the swelling resolves.

Clothes to wear after surgery

It is wise of you to start planning. It is true that after surgery, you will be very swollen and that your regular clothes might not fit.

After surgery, you should wear clothing which is very easy to put on and take off. Sweatpants are great. For the top, it is best if your shirt or sweater can be zippered or buttoned up the front. It will be uncomfortable for you to try to put a shirt or sweater over your head.

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Loose and comfy

You don't need to get large dresses but get clothing that is easy to get on and off such as a sweat suit while you are in the ealrly recovery phase. Many women say their pants fitt different after abdominoplasty and it will be weeks to months before you fully recover. Discuss these concernes with your plastic surgeon and their staff as well.

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