Lip and Chin Numbness After Chin Implants

Should I be concerned about the numbness in my chin area and lower lip? It has been 3 weeks since my chin implant.

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Chin/lip numbness after chin implant may occur


Not every patient notes numbness to the chin or lip after chin implant placement, but some do. Even in the minority of patients who do experience this numbness they will find that it will usually improve anywhere from a few weeks up to a couple months after surgery.

There are two major nerves that provide sensation to the lower lip and chin that exit the jaw bone just above the area where the chin implant is placed. Sometimes the nerves will be stretched a bit during the process of dissecting the implant pocket which can lead to the numbness. As long as the nerve wasn't cut, however, the feeling should come back.

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Numbness after chin implant is not unusual at 3 weeks


Although we prefer for the sensation to be intact, the numbness can be quite normal after chin augmentation especially if combined with neck numbness.

AT about this time, as the nerves recover, you should be experiencing alot of pins and needles sensations. These will be aggravated by tapping over you jaw just below the corners of your mouth.

It would be very unlikely that both nerves were damaged on both sides of your chin.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, so that he//she can counsel and supervise your recovery.

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Numbness after chin implant


Numbness of the chin after an implant is a common temporary complaint. It usually resolves in a few weeks but may take longer. There are two large nerves that are encounted during the operation and they are protected from injury. Commonly, the retraction and stretching causes some post-up chin anesthesia.

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