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Chin Implant After Double Jaw Surgery?

I had double jaw surgery 2 years ago to correct an underbite. I now feel my chin is to small in comparison to my nose/other facial features. Could you please take a look at the photo provided and advise if a chin augmentation/implant would benefit me.

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Chin implant after double jaw surgery


It does appear that your chin is slightly retrusive to the rest of your facial features. An acceptable alternative would be to place a small silastic chin implant over the mandible through a submental incision. This can be done even after you have had the double jaw surgery.

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Chin implant


The best way to answer your question is to put  your pictures on computer imaging and see the results.

find a plastic surgeon with computer imaging and have a consultation.

From the picture it looks that you may benifit from a chin implant

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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