How Many CCs are Lost w/ Under Muscle Placement?

I tried on 275 cc sizers as well as 300 cc. I liked the look of 275 cc, but am actually scheduled to get 250 cc Mentor Moderate Plus saline implants filled to 300 cc. Do you think that is about equivalent to the sizer I liked? I am a 34 A and have very little breast tissue (don't even fill my bras in most cases). I am 5'3" and weigh 112 pounds. I have a somewhat athletic build and broader chest. I also showed pictures of someone with a similar build of my desired result (Full B cup).

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What you see IS NOT what you get

For years, I have recommended to patients that they DO NOT use implant sizers in their clothing to determine breast size.  This is very inaccurate and often leads to patient disappointment.  How an implant fits in your brassiere is not how it will look in you.  This is because the volume of the implant in a bra is only adding to the projection of the bra, not your body.  What I recommend is that my patients bring in photos breast of what they like and what they dont like. We use the photos as a guide during surgery and we determine what profile and volume is necessary to accomplish this.  We of course cannot guarantee an exact match but this gives us a much more accurate guide and leads to greater patient satisfaction.  

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Breast Implants look slightly smaller after surgery

There is no loss of cc's wehn a breast implant is placed under the msucle. The implant does not get smaller. But, it may appear smaller than when you tried on the implant in your surgeon's office. This is because the implant settles into position on the inside and always looks slightly smaller than when it is just stuffed in a bra. This is why I usually advise my patients who are stuck deciding between 2 sizes of implants, that they should go with the slightly larger will usually look about 10-20% smaller after surgery.

Losing cc's when implanted

You do not really lose cc's when the implants are placed inside.  But when they are placed for sizing purposes in a bra they are falsely pushed out a bit.

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Predicting size with breast implants

It isn't necessarily the fact that under muscle subtracts cc's but when you are tucking samples in a bra they look bigger because they are "stacked" on top of your breasts. An allowance is therefore made by going a bit larger to get the same look. Sounds like you are getting good advice.

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Implant sizers are a rough estimate at best!

The use of implant sizers in the office to estimate final implant size is an inexact science. The determination of implant size is based on your breast anatomy, including breast width, skin compliance, and overall breast coverage for the implant. If you are starting as an A cup, I recommend using high profile implants placed under the muscle. This allows for more volume within the implant and adequate coverage of the implant without distorting the breast. Also, because your breast volume will be essentially all implant, silicone gel may be a better option for you due to its more natural feel and lower tendency to ripple. In breast augmentation, the most common complaint is not going big enough with implants, so if you are uncertain on size, I recommend going with the slightly larger implant.

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What is the best size

This is not an exact science.when patients put a sizer in their bra and say that's what i want .It doesn't always equate to what they will get from the operating table especially with saline.the advantage with saline is that you can add some saline to the final result.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Comparing breast implant sizers to the final implant volume

There is about a 50 cc "loss" of volume when you put implants under the muscle compared to what you saw from the sizers in the garment.  In other words, if you liked the look of a 300 sizer, you would probably need a 350 implant under the muscle to get about that result.

Breast implant size compared to sizer

In general when performing breast augmentation with sizers pre-operatively. We use a final fill for saline implants that is roughly 10-15% larger than the sizer which is tried over the intact breasts if implants are to be placed under the muscle. For silicone we use implants that are 15-20% larger than the sizer.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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How Many CCs are Lost w/ Under Muscle Placement?

I agree there is no loss of cc's under muscle placement. But the number one compliant is "I wish I would have gone bigger!" So I recommend 300cc HP implants . Best of luck from MIAMI DR. Darryl j. Blinski

Cc's lost under muscle

Generally, it is difficult for patients to notice differences that small whether above or below the muscle.

David A. Lickstein, MD
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