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Am I Candidate for Breast Lift Only? Im a 34D/DD. (photo)

I had a child in 2012. I went from 100 lbs to 147 lbs at the peak of pregnancy, then went back down to 110. Anyways, I used to be a low B cup and now Im 34D/DD and they are a burden on me. (back pains, cant exercise normally etc etc ) Anyways, I dont know if I need or want breast implants. I want to be like a C cup, but if I do a breast lift, i feel like with all that excess skin off, it might end up being a C...but i want to make sure I have "upper pole fullness"(right is bigger than left)

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Upper pole fullness is more reliably maintained with a small implant


Hi NYP: You are to be congratulated for loosing your baby fat, however pregnancy has reshaped your breasts, unfavorably.  The persistence of "upper pole fullness" is often elusive for a variety of reasons.  If the composition of your breasts have become more fatty than glandular, settling will invariably occur sooner rather than later.  Weight fluctuations and pregnancies cause further inferior shifting.  So if you haven't completed your family, you may want to consider a small reduction/lift first.  Assess the results and if you haven't accomplished your aesthetic ideals, then consider a small implant.  By staging the lift first, the volume, nipple position and skin envelope will be equivalent and placement of an implant considerably easier.  Good luck.


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Am I Candidate for Breast Lift Only? Im a 34D/DD.


You may be an excellent candidate for breast lifting surgery.  Patients undergoing breast surgery should do enough homework to fully understand the surgical options, pro/cons of each option, and the potential risk/complications associated with each option.  This education will allow patients to make an informed decision about the best option for them and/or determine the best timing ( including considerations of life circumstances…) to undergo the surgical procedure ( if at all).

Breast lifting involves some degree of tightening and lifting of the breast skin envelope and tissue.  In order to tighten the skin envelope, skin excision is necessary;  this results in the presence of scars. 
Sometimes, the presence of scars is a “dealbreaker”;  patients would prefer to leave their breasts unchanged than to have scars. At other times, patients  prefer to have the improvement in breast position, shape, and (possibly) size  and are willing to accept the trade-off of scars.

I hope the attached link is helpful to you.

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Am I Candidate for Breast Lift Only


Very little tissue need to be removed in a breast lift--about a tablespoon per side (15 cc). If you raise your hands above your head, you are simulating a lift. The breast may appear smaller, but obviously nothing has been removed. If that size is OK you don't need more volume per se. However, if you want upper pole fullness, implants and a lift are probably best. 

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Upper pole fullness is the key to your answer



There are few things that can be discussed with regards to breast lift versus augmentation and lift, however, your desire for upper pole fullness will require an implant (small one if volume is not the issue) since a breast lift alone will not give you the upper pole fullness that you desire.  The best result will be an implant with a lift.  The lift the you will need is a circumvertical or lollipop lift.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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