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Hello Im 21 Days Post Op Tummy Tuck Inside Belly Button is Bleeding, Is this Normal?

Hi im 21 days post op from tummy tuck my belly button had been bleeding for about a week i clean it everyday with peroxide and polysporin and it looks like its seperated from the inside wall of my belly button its clean no infection what could be the cause of this thanks

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Post Tummy Tuck Bleeding?

Thank you for your question. This is not common and there may be a stitch issue, either one retained or one spitting.  Be evaluated by the one who sewed you up, and they will know what is in there. I hope this helps.

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The navel can drain for several weeks after in abdominoplasty.

The navel is completely redone at the time of an abdominoplasty and can emit some drainage for several weeks. Significant amounts of fluid are probably collections of blood or serum draining through the umbilical stump.

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Bloody Belly Button 21 Days after Surgery

I doubt any big trouble but see you PS.   Sometimes a retained stitch will do this.  Sometimes there can be a little wound edge separation.  Both of these will heal.  When you shower use baby shampoo and a q tip to gently clean the area.  Then use peroxide on a q tip to clean and finally more baby shampoo.   Then some neosporin is fine.  To prevent spots on you clothes use a big band aid over your belly button.   You will be fine.  My Best,  Dr C

Belly Button is Bleeding, Is this Normal?

Commonest cause would be extrusion of a stitch, and this would cause very small amounts of blood. A photo would help here--your description suggests something more that just that. A visit to your surgeon seems in order.

All the best. 

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