What Would Cause my Breasts to Shrink?

As a teen I was a 32B, I was athletic back then with a very low % of body fat. I am now 30 and lost appx 30 lbs in the last year. I'm nearly back at my teenage weight and now an A cup. My body fat % today is quite a bit higher now, so this doesn't make any sense to me.

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Breast changes with age

Unfortunately, what you are experiencing are the normal changes that occur in the breast with age.  When you are younger, your breast has more fibrous and dense tissue.  As you age, this becomes more fatty in consistency and you start to lose some of the structural support in the breast.  Also, where your body decides it will store fat also changes with age and may not necessarily go where we want it.  The same thing goes for facial aging, where we lose volume in our face as we get older despite being the same weight.

If you are desiring fuller breasts but not necessarily implants, then you may want to consider fat grafting where you borrow fat from one part of the body where you don't want it and add it the area where you want more volume.

Changes in Breast Size

Breast size can be effected by weight fluctuations. When you loose weight it is not uncommon for your breasts to get smaller. Also your breasts change with aging. Pregnancy, hormones, and weight loss/gain can all affect your breast size.

Changes in Breast Appearance with Age

Thank you for your question.  I can tell you that you are definitely not alone in your experience with the physical changes you have described in your breasts over the past several years, and I see many women every day who are concerned about these changes.  

As you age, your breasts evolve from dense and fibrous to more fatty and soft in consistency.  You also begin to lose some of the structural support in the breast, and many women describe this as their breasts beginning to droop or "sag."  Unfortunately, weight gain or an increase in body fat doesn't do much to help this process because the fat does not necessarily go where we want or need it the most.  If you are looking to enhance the size of your chest, even just a little to bring you back to your previous 32B cup size, I would highly recommend that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation procedures.  A breast augmentation is a quick and easy procedure that allows your surgeon to safely enhance a patients bust line, and with a thorough size and aesthetic goal driven discussion can afford a patient a very natural cosmetic result.    Best of luck!

Breast change with weight loss

Hi 8353anon, weight loss is a common reason for breasts to change in size. If you gain the weight back then you might see them grow back to their original size. If you are not planning on gaining the weight back then there are other ways to have your breasts enlarged to a size you are happy with.

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What would cause my breasts to shrink?

This is not uncommon. As you age your body is changing, your breasts no longer are as fibrous and dense (perky) as they were when you were a teenager.  You might consider breast implantation surgery to bring back that fullness that you lost.  This is one of the most common reasons patients do decide to undergo breast implantation surgery.  Good Luck!

Shrinking Breasts

Jumping from teen years to the age of 30 is expected to create changes in your body, especially your breasts.  It's unfortunate but one of the common reasons patients do decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery.  It may not be for you but probably is your best alternative.  Thanks for your question.

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Breast size decrease

With weight fluctuations and also with aging, since the breasts are composed of a significant amount of fat, the breasts can change in size. With a relatively significant weight loss, the breasts may decrease in size, and sometimes with weight loss, some areas of the body may lose more fat than others, and unfortunately, that may be from the breasts.

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Breast aging

breast age. like us. hormones are responsible to this involution as well as weigh loss.

so it is normal in your situation that breast decrease size happened.

change in body habits will change the breast size. if not surgery can be the answer

Jacques Haddad, MD
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Weight fluctuation can affect breast size

Breasts are made up of both glandular breast tissue and fatty deposits. The fatty part of the breast can be affected by weight loss and weight gain, just like any fat cells anywhere on the body. Unfortunately, there’s no way we can control the areas where the body chooses to store or lose fat, which means that even if your body fat percentage is higher overall than in your younger years, there’s no guarantee that the higher percentage will end up in your breasts. Your age may be playing a role in your breast appearance as well, as changing hormone levels also have a major influence.

Change in breast size and shape with aging

You are likely experiencing changes in your breasts related more to aging than weight or percent body fat. The structures and composition of the breast change with the aging process, the skin becomes less elastic and more lax, the ligaments holding the breast to the chest wall are subject to gravity and stretch out, the areola widen with weight gain, pregnancy, time and gravity. It is not simply a matter of how much you weigh and body fat. Returning your breasts to a more youthful appearance after many years and changes in your body may require the assistance of a plastic surgeon. 

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