What Would Cause my Breasts to Shrink?

As a teen I was a 32B, I was athletic back then with a very low % of body fat. I am now 30 and lost appx 30 lbs in the last year. I'm nearly back at my teenage weight and now an A cup. My body fat % today is quite a bit higher now, so this doesn't make any sense to me.

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Body changes with age and weight loss

Aging and dramatic weight loss can cause the tissues to sag, making you look smaller than you actually are because your breasts are so stretched out. In addition, your body changes as you age, so just because you are at your teenage weight and even have a higher body fat percentage, you may be storing the fat in another part of your body (such as your thighs or midsection.) 

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Change in breast size

As we age, our breasts may change.  Young women tend to have more firm breast tissue and less fat in their breasts. As we age, we gain more fat in our breast with less breast (milk producing) tissue.  These changes can lead to smaller breast even when women have stayed the same size for many years.  Hormonal changes, pregnancies, and weight gain and loss can have a large roll in the size and shape of our breasts.

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Shrinking breasts

There are two big components to breast size - breast tissue (or parenchyma) and fat - as women age there is less breast tissue and more fat, making breast size more sensitive to changes in weight. You have less breast tissue than you had as a teen and now that you have lost weight (congratulations!) - you have less breast fat. 

If you have adequate body fat, you may be a good candidate for fat transfer (taking fat cells from one part of your body and moving them to the breast). 

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Shrinking breasts


Fat has a tendency to act as a reservoir for estrogen and estrogen like substances. Weight loss can not only cause the fat in the breast to atrophy but also result in loower estrogen levels which stimulate or maintain breast growth.

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Body weight, breast composition and breast size


The breast is composed of glandular tissue and fat. What we see as breast size from the outside is a combination of these 2 components. As women age the fat contribution increases and the gland contribution decreases. If these do not match the breasts can become smaller or larger as the case maybe. This is independent of weight gain or loss unless the loss or gain is excessive. In your case the gland portion decreased without a commensurate increase in fat contribution even though your total body fat percent is greater. That increased fat was just placed in other areas of the body, not the breasts.

Aaron Stone, MD
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