Breast Lifting Exercises

My breasts are starting to droop more as I get older. Are there any exercises I can do to lift my breasts? Will working on my pectoral muscles help?

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Breast Lifting Exercises

There are no breast lifting exercises that truly help to lift sagging breasts. It would require an operative intervention such a breastlift (mastopexy) or a breast augmentation/mastopexy.

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Breast Lift

Unfortunately, the only true option for less saggy breasts is a breast lift or mastopexy. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Exercises Don't Lift a Sagging Breast

Unfortunately exercises do not lift the breast.

Exercising the pectoral muscles can reshape the chest, but will have no effect on breast position and little or no effect on breast shape.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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Breast exercises for sagging breasts

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, there are no exercises to stop or reverse breast droop. Breast ptosis (sag) can be caused by time or changes in breast size (through breast feeding or weight loss). These factors cause the elasticity of the skin and the Cooper's ligaments (internal supporting structures that keep the breast perky) to decrease. This leads to breast sagging.

There is no exercise that will reverse or prevent this. Exercise only helps the underlying pectoralis muscle but will not improve the sag of the breasts.

I hope this helps!

Breast Lifting Exercises

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, there are no exercises that can tighten sagging, excess skin.  Similar to the excess skin of the abdomen following pregnancy, excess skin of the breasts and other areas of the body can only be eliminated via surgical excision.  The scars from a breast lift tend to heal extremely well and fade with time.  

Breast lift exercises

In sort there are no exercises to lift a breast or tighten skin. Gaining more muscle mass may help the overall appearance of the chest or arms, but it will not lift your breasts.

Ryan Hoffman, MD
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Breast Lift

It would be great if there were some kind of exercise, magic wand or cream that could perk up the breasts. From the surgical standpoint, the best option for lifting the breasts is either a breast augmentation and/or a breast lift. Sometime a combination of the two procedures will provide the best results possible.

Joshua Kreithen, M.D.
Sarasota, FL

Joshua Kreithen, MD
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Good luck

No exercise will help. The breast does not have muscle to bulk up. The pectoral muscle will not make your breast bigger if it gets bigger.See a plastic surgeon to understand options.

William C. Rigano, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon
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No breast lifting exercises

There are no exercises that can significantly lift sagging breasts. Developing your chest muscles (pecs) can maybe help a tiny bit, but that improvement won't be as noticeable as you'd like. Also, exercise will shed fat, and that will just  increase your sagging.

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